Saturday, April 23, 2016

Tastes of Bangkok

Bangkok has lots of delicious food, some of which involves chic kiwis and magic farms.
And mystery fruits. I think this is a hairy salak, flatteringly called a snake fruit.
New to us was the gac fruit, which looks like a combination of plastic and beets.
Not sure what to do with all those pomelo skins you have around the house? Well you can dry them as snacks!
If you want to eat less healthy, there's Danish Hanchesse and Bacon Danish.
This man carries the weight of a shrimp on his shoulders.
Animal, mineral or vegetable? This is some kind of dried seafood. We didn't try it this time.
Were you looking for dried seafood? Well it's abundant. Here are the fish flosses. Tim learned about about his tastes for these the hard way.
Curvy neck dried fish was also popular.
Flossy pork can sneak up on your, sometimes on crackers.
We took care of our collagen and eys with B-ing.
All it did was make my torso appear freakishly longer than usual, though.