Saturday, December 1, 2018

Happy Holidays - Don't forget to be fantastic!

Creepy mannequin-face and I wish you happy holidays! We tried to take a family picture with this little boy, but he didn't cooperate.
The festive linguistics were not as good as some years.
But we found some Animal Farm wrapping paper.
The French paper features woodland and polar animals including the less common fish-throwing penguin, all of whom are happy about the forest, it seems.
And an ice scraper in the $2 store in tropical Singapore.
My favourite was the Strange to meet you light switch stickers. Get milk piquant taste. Confusingly, the worded parts won't actually go on the light switch.
If I had problems with Barry peeping during my relaxing time, this would surely help.
Our soap dispenser was not up to date, so we replaced it with "Have good taste in interior", rather than "Bath time that you can refresh".
We hadn't realized, but it was good day to surf on the dish.
The photographer screwed this one up, but it would be a great diet plate, since it threatens: "Eat a lot, and you will grow bigger".
I believe this is metaphoric, but I'm not good at poetry.
In contrast, this water bottle carries a more somber message about global warming.
During the festive season, it's nice to spend time with "qoo".
Slogan for 2019: Don't forget to be fantastic!
Happy holidays from us and the furry reindeer-head trophy!

Saturday, November 24, 2018

Good Chance Popiah

Pete came to visit for Diwali! Above, the Krishnas are watching you. Below, we demonstrate my continued selfie prowess.
We went to the Diwali market, where you can get something not recommended for carry-on. Or if you value your children's eyes. These are mini party grenades full of confetti and danger.
Before that, we had Halloween. Barry dressed up as, well, R2D2 meets a Chinese lightstore?
There was also a banana-related event.
See I'm being all literary and going back in time, like. To when Thanksgiving was in early October.
This year's Thanksgiving slogan: "Eat the pie".
But it's ok, becaue Po Chai pills relieve symptoms of diarrhea, overeating and vomiting. In my body, those symptoms vary significantly, so those gotta be some good pills.
There's a good chance you can find  popiah in our neighbourhood too.
Nearby the Gar Lok eating house.
Where? While many of the stereotypes about Singapore are untrue (no, gum is not illegal. No, jaywalking is the same as anywhere else), it's true that it's rude to point with your index finger.
It turns out I had been misinterpreting the FML acronym!
Near the FML cafe, there is an uni restaurant, for those looking for more obscure delicious eats.

Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Golden and Glowy!

We went to Hawaii on a fancy award trip from my work, involving florals and glowy neons!
When they announced the dress-code, I immediately prepared on
There was glowy instaselfie makeup.
Barry wanted colorful like mine, but they said he had to have manly. So here he is, failing to hone his Mike Tyson look. "Look tough, Barry".
These are the glowy dancers called i luminate. You can buy their suits on too, but not cheap.
We went on a nature and beach hike. Not shown is the giant wave that drenched us when we were turtle-spotting.
Here is Barry appreciating the natures.
See if you can tell the professional photographer pictures above from mine.
And to close, a public service warning. In the US, even things like meat and butter have "ingredients" nowadays, which is alarming.

Saturday, November 3, 2018

More Modern Egyptians

This is our newest Egyptian friend, who is 4. Also, we have flies on our faces. Two more small Egyptians help Barry to be less afraid of the cow.
We made unusual requests to our guide, so we got to eat at a local home. Here, Barry is pretending to help.
The food was by far the best we had in Egypt, to the extent that there are limited pictures.
We also had great breakfast beans called ful, which you eat with pita and tahini.
And yet many people preferred this.
We didn't do a lot of modern Egypt, but here's a skating rink in a mall.
Near the local Zara Tara.
There's Whity.
Then we went shopping at Carrefour.
Sample Text!
Business and Territory: Be Just and Fear Not this lited thing of curs.
This is my favourite but wasn't my size.
Ulban fashion includes an idea tree sot hat Foreve love will foud in the end! Fogive and forgot.
Finally, we went to the Coptic quarter in Cairo, where all religions merge!
Me as a stylish muslim!
Some Christian mosaics. Our guide was confused that we didn't understand the biblical references.
Some godly phenomena illuminated this aptly-dressed little old lady. (No, not really, it happened elsewhere too, and she was begging and spitting, vs. saintly.)