Friday, September 24, 2010


I had a business trip to an exotic place called "Cowtown" in the "New West" because the old West is scary, lots of guns.Even the police wear cowboy hats here. I saw them do important things like giving tourists directions!
Since I was focused on shopping in my spare time (I'm cowgirl sized), I did not check out the sites, but there was a tall tower.And many choices of what to do: this building has a church, a modelling agency, and fashion makeup!There is also oil money.
And most importantly, my friend Chantal lives in Calgary! She and I support Beer and Wine, even when the stand is closed.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Historic Gyeongju

While in Korea, we checked out the historic sites of Gyeongju, which include ancient tombs as shown below. I tried to figure out why, after years of poverty, occupation, war and such, nobody raided these! We went into one, and there was gold in there, I don't get it.There were lots of them!Then again, they were protected by angry stylish warriors with moobs,And strangely, by skateboarders with nunchucksWe enjoyed the historic sites although our comprehension was limited. This is Cheomseongdae, used by 7th century Koreans to view the stars.This giant bells signals that it's time to eat.
If you don't like street pickles,there are plenty of other street vegetable options as well.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Kaleidoscope of Korea

Korea offers unique shopping opportunities. Barry bought many socks, because he finds them very fashionable. He is also a big fan of video games on tv called Star craft and involving strange creatures at war.Barry tried out his own forest war tactics, but he ended up stuck in the bushes, can you spot him?Personally, I was more into rugged sports like cycling. I thought my bike's basket was pretty cool... until I saw this basket and realized I'd forgotten my basket toy.
And also I wasn't wearing the latest in Korean sun protection like this woman.Biking and forest maneuvers were tough, so we chilled at the Western Ice Bar.There were many choices for dinner.
Stuffed tigers prefer live food:But we compromised on more native cuisine.

Sunday, September 5, 2010


Ya, so Barry's got this weird new habit of making me imitate statues.But don't worry, I got revenge:Barry went onstage to "rock out", and, well, now you know why he's not a rock star.I stuck to food-oriented confusion.Luckily alcholicliguors were readily available.
Some things in Korea are confusing: why is this sushi cutting up a sushi?Other things less confusing: isn't this a great ashtray?