Sunday, December 14, 2014

Bangkok in the Sky

We went to Bangkok to stay in the sky.
The view helps to clear your mind.
Barry prefers wide angle mode so as to see the world curve. The restaurant on the left is where the fashionable people, as shown below, hang out. We could not take a better picture of this stretchy outfit, because her date was large, and adorned in Muay Thai gear.
Barry and I, instead, hung out at the free lounge. Here, Barry invented the duck sandwich dai chaat.
I preferred the truffle zucchini ravioli.
Once, we tore ourselves from the view and wandered outdoors, where Barry found that he matched the sculptures.
The underwear on sale was too small.
Everyone was wearing yellow for the King's birthday!
It was all too confusing for us, so we went back to our balcony.