Sunday, July 14, 2013

Floods. A Comparison.

First here's what floods in Singapore look like. Fear to leave cars, umbrella dramas. One particularly challenging rescue is shown below. Luckily he saved her!
Here, similarly dramatic scenes in Toronto are shown involving a "rescue" by the good looking cop.
In Toronto, it seems more good times were had.
In Toronto, there was fear underwater.
In Singapore, scary predators were also spotted.
Drowning cars in Singapore.
Drowning cars in Toronto.
Water sports in Toronto.
(No water sports are known to have occurred in Singapore).
P.S. All pictures stolen from the web and not properly credited.

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Horror and Aerodynamics

First and scarymost, the subway height girl showed up in our hallway. Obviously that means we're going to get murdered like in a horror movie, where she will show up next in our living room, then beside our bed!
I disguised myself as a cowboy, and put on vanilla toe socks for protection.
In other news, following a long tradition of alternative decoration, Jason and I accessorized Barry's bike.
First, upgrade computer and cell phone holder.
Second, gender indicator to avoid spandex androgyny, and a basket of balls to throw at bad drivers and road monkeys.
Special seat cooling device.
Baseball fan bats for sportsmanship, morale, and as a weapon if necessary.
Finally, a better behind view. Check out Jason's all-into-it photography pose!
And the result: Barry is King of the Mountain, which is bikistese for Fastestly competitive guy on a small stretch of road!