Saturday, November 12, 2016

Engrish Comfort for Difficult Times

In these difficult times, we can seek comfort in the phone number above.
There is also protective headgear. Along with starting a rational political movement or fighting for pluralism, we can eat our weight in garlic.
The world today is like this:
This Franglais day planner reminds us that there is only time for work and love, so knit your plan!
With a similar message, this bag shows us the importance of getting all 4 letters right.
This notebook urges us to listen to the polar bears.
This plastic container cares for our world (earth planet).

This notebook is a bit more stressed out, so I guess it needs a day planner.

Both Donard and the forks have a winking smile. Why?
In the world today, sometimes thinks just don't make sense.
And to summarize, here is a poem.