Wednesday, April 19, 2017

No Hawkering, skirts, or clean water

Caption contest?
Welcome to a Kuching, Borneo, where these guys kindly request you refrain from sell(er)ing your goods at the temple.
It is not without infrastructure challenges.
And unusual naming conventions.
What do you get at Le Food restaurant, you ask? How about local rain forest ferns!
Barry was looking for D'loves in all the wrong places.
The right place was this $2.5 laksa place, which is the best we've had so far in Asia!
Eating it from the take-out bags in our hotel room was challenging, though.
Then we had some American-style clothes made, like this old military shirt.
A new site in Kuching is the Upside Down House. This is the latest thing in Asia. We did it wrong.
First, don't wear a skirt. Rule #1. It makes the pictures look all wrong. Duh.
Luckily, they had picture spotters, who help you to know what to do. Otherwise, all of our shots would look like this.
Rule #2: you need to always be on tiptoes, or it looks weird.
By the end, with coaching, we mastered what skill there was.