Thursday, May 29, 2014

Snorkel shots

We need to chill out, so let's look at some underwater fish! Above is the first Stripy Flat Fish we saw on the stairs. Below is the Stellar Blue Fish.
Glowy Lippy Parrotfish
Big Eyeballed Buggy Fish of Constant Surprise.
Blue Fringy Giganto Clam, that Barry says can drown you.
I look like this underwater. It looks like I have a bald spot.
Party of Yelloy Unidirectional Slow Swimmers hanging out with friends!
Starfish. After this point, Barry went with underwater videos. Bad idea, as the octopus that we saw is not recognizable.
With my own bad ideas, I took above-water pictures. You can see the contrast.
This was my best shot; Barry has more swimming stamina than me.

Sunday, May 18, 2014


I have got a new phone, and there is a significant adaptation process. It’s not all bad, but we have had some challenges together. Here are some excerpts from my conversations with Barry:

L: Got my cat fixed, tacky. Not ad. Start. Farm. The train Jovi is going well.
L: Looks like sanding has some more lest to do. Samsung. Learning.
L: Taxon.
L: What is a taxon? Oh spoof.
L: Yup, Spoof, that’s my new lingo.
B: It is a group of populations of organisms judged to be a unit.
L: Like a hassle gaggle?

My phone, like me, is particularly interested in the subject of food
L: I am ordering him a lay momos, burneside curry, butter chicken and icjrb stag for dinner, we have to pay an extra $4.20 email sorcery substitution
L: Do you need groceries or are you going to eat Donaghcloney and late floe granola? I also got dish fowls and bath Marys.

B: I’m eating during a break in my bike ride:
L: Sheep, are you rating with your bikey fronds on a restaurant in spandex?

L: My taco is ejected endon worn. Rentable reshuffle regular. With cabbage.
L: had troubles typing while eating. It was not all damasks fault that time. But sometimes damask is at fault I guess. Who is damask, a group of Danes?

Finally, my phone helps me with logistics as you can see:

L: I’m nq to get a can. With n meaning in, q meaning queue, and can meaning cab. Can you please chop cop the pineapple for dinner? Chip chop. Blagged cush.

B: How was your flight?
L: Good, I slurp. Slat. Slept. Waiting to boast now.

B: How are you doing? Did you take your thyroid pill?
L: Feeling fine room pig. Gags. Don’t weeley, I took my thyroid pilham today Frudat. The I’ll Saturn the others to night whig is fine for the time zone chafe anyway. I just ordered piaz. Floe Poizza.

L: With less skep Samsung beribbonned more fun. I’m going to alps now. No. airport.

In other news, I have noted that Pearson airport now has ipod seats, which increases the distance between neighbours and therefore decreases the chance of fat touching, which is good because I don’t like fat touching. Furthermore, I have found the base way to reheat a fish taco in a hotel room which has a microwave and no dishes - that's what those glass covers are for!
Finally, I have taught my small niece all she needs to know about ice, so that we are only about 2 steps away from full martini-making.

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Mountain Business

We went to the mountains on business trips.
Look, there they are.
Like a foolish tourist, I had to Swiss-up  my gear for the cold.
But that's ok, at least I didn't walk around in a diaper as is clearly accepted in the train station.
These tropical children were even less prepared for the snow and need a bit more initiation.
There was a tunnel into the glacier. I recommend it be upgraded into a bar.
Back in Zurich we found out that our German was very poor.
Barry also failed to read the English sign that said not to take church pictures.
Barry advises that this is a special duck, and not an ordinary duck, and it's called a Grebe. Or something. It's ok because I know more song lyrics than him, which is more useful than birds.
I am also very good at selecting delicious cheese dishes, and we had fondue 3 times, after which I couldn't take any more pictures.