Sunday, May 28, 2017

Otters and Vanity

I finally saw Singapore's famous otters, who have moved into our Bay. They're eating orange fish.
Last bite.
I counted 10 otters, which is a good sighting during a downtown lunchbreak, I figure.
In other news, Barry and I have been enjoying the views (here in Kata, Phuket).
Selfies are no longer enough. You need your friends to take poser shots.
They'll help to make sure your butt is at the right angle for the asselfie.
It is imperative that you do NOT enjoy the view while taking pictures. Your online profile doesn't care about such things.
Try also to avoid the delicious food.
Here's my poser shot. Barry and I decided to limit it to frontal shots.
I think I did better than him, no?