Friday, March 29, 2013

Scissors, Mushrooms and Math

Let's start with this cute little guy.
And this one. Pulau Ubin is full of cute creatures!
On the way there, we saw some interesting branding on the boat. Mushrooms unite! Their website is even better, hover over the menu to see Asian branding in action.
These adventures were had with my parents, who are shown here doubting the merits of $2.90 Scissor Cut Curry Rice. Don't worry, only the meat is scissor-cut. And the scissors have been replaced since the war.
In any case, we then explored the other end of the food spectrum.
Above if a remake of Nasi Lemak, which won't make any sense to many of you.
Chocolate on the other hand, always makes sense.
To burn off the calories, we went for a walk in the neighbourhood, visiting our local terracotta warrior.
We then noticed something unusual. In addition to the door abacus...
There was a mysterious alley abacus. Perhaps used by the alley cats for alley math? Leftover from when the scissor-cut guy had new scissors? Strange.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Tonic, Polish and Fish

If your shophouse is feeling crowded, it's time to go to the Japanese grocery story to solve all of your problem.
You will make savvy shopping decisions if you keep the regions of tuna in mind. And if you follow the croquette's instructions on how to eat his fellow croquettes, you'll overcome your croquette cannibalism inhibitions.
But, horrors, we couldn't polish our rice!
Luckily the fish heads were still shiny.
And the Hello Kitty fish cakes were plentiful.
Street Tonic helps clean off the grime with a "cool approach".
And Bouncia works on elasticity.
Finally, dessert with your favorite tea time partner, soft and sweet delight.
In final news, the lion dances for Chinese New Year have ended. This one was for our neighbours. I'm not sure if being next door also brings us luck, or if these menacing looks prevent it.

Friday, March 8, 2013

The Whole of Bohol

Perhaps you wonder what there is to heart in Bohol.
The Chocolate Hills make a good start.
They are unusual coral hill formations which go on for ages.
On the way home from the hills you can stop in the local market for some dried fish.
Or custom made saws, carved before your eyes.
Instead, I chose to go back to the beach before the storm.
Clouds make for better colours.
There was some entertainment.
But I was more into my delicious chicken adobo. It was so good I had it twice!

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Jeepney Spotting

Passing through Manila, we saw the famous Jeepneys.
Above is Loloy, below is Denise.
I think that their destination information is written on the side.
I'm not sure how profitable being a Jeepney artist is, but it must be a common profession.
They're super efficient.
Outside of Manila, Jeepneys are less common. I'm not sure if this is one, or a hearse.
But that's ok, as there are moto-super-sidecars with religion.
Gilda wishes you the best.