Saturday, March 24, 2012

Wait White What?

How could I resist a post on the paper's feature on, um, whitening! Look how angry it makes the above model (ok, she may have gotten a tad folded).This woman commands us! Peel off those dark spots! Face chemicals are your friend!Mainstream products, I suppose if I read the details I'd know how to choose between White Serum Pore Minimizer and Extra Whitening Cell Repair & Protect with 50x Vitamin C. The later seems good, since Vitamin C lightened brown guinea pigs in one study, so at least we can support the animals.Lest you were reconsidering your favourite brands, rest assured it is universal.This brand is given credence by a French person's quote. Googling him reveals his skin is not that pale, however.To further our beauty, Barry and I considered the shape V face.Barry's seems pretty good.But further Picasanalysis shows he has the dreaded DARK SPOTS!Look what the cream can do? Isn't Barry pretty?Now that you're bored of that, other white things in the paper include clean washrooms. These can now be rated at screens outside the washrooms. Seems to me that more frequent cleanings may have been cheaper, and that the dirty washrooms will have their feelings hurt.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Weekend in our hood

You can find lots of interesting things in our neighbourhood. If you peer into this door long enough, you'll see into the future (I saw receding glaciers).
There are of course dangers, like Sabre Strokers. I contemplated (ok, googled) this further, and found that they offer products such as Roosta Popper, Zip'n ziggy, and Laser Pro, which somehow are for fishing! I suppose the popper/ziggy/laser are to remove the mercury from the fish. Oh I'm excited for the google searches I'll get on the above words!If those products don't work out for you, you could go to a backwards law firm. While the name is a palindrome, I'm pretty sure the Sanskrit, correction, Bengali, isn't.Oups, this entry got a little environmental, so quick, be distracted by baskets of back alley fruits! You need a lot of watermelon to feed the crowds of workers in Little India on a Sunday.Singapore's economic miracle has not touched all. This is the vehicle of our local karung guni recylers, who take sell cardboard and other goods from dumpsters to recyclers. To make it more lucrative, they wet the cardboard, as it's sold by weight.At the end of a neighbourhood alley walk, we recommend going to your local Uzbek restaurant for vareniki. Not available? Ok, then substitute dumplings from your neighbourhood.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Feathers, Milk, and Citrus for Thaipusam

The milk pots are out, guess what this means?Our friend Willy came from Bangalore to find out! This is what we look like before dawn's crack.There is also music, several bands competing to fill your ears in one temple.And there are beautiful arts and crafts.This picture illustrates what happens if you take a panorama shot in a crowd. An elder's head gets flattened, which seems unlucky. Note my surprise.
If you can't find your milk, it may be behind you. Careful, lest the lime cause it to curdle.And now it's time for this year's piercing shots. You can't look away!Piercing goes best with feathers!
After you're pierced and ready to go, you walk in a 4km parade.Not ready for piercing? You can also show your devotion by carrying milk.Or stick to facial piercings and carry some heavy stuff.

Saturday, March 10, 2012


A couple of weeks ago Barry and I went to Fauxnesia to get some extra relax.

You have to be careful lest your shirt catch fire!   In more stressful adventures, we have been searching for tea tree mushrooms in Singapore as good as those in eaten in China, and this is Mike and Jen's fault.
Since the above didn't yield many pictures, here is a sneak peak at what's coming next week.
There are bells and citrus fruit, like with other holidays.

And family gatherings.
Arts and crafts

And household cleaning items like feather dusters.