Sunday, June 27, 2010

Expat Exits

The above nice picture of a Chinese word expresses my sadness of losing a bunch of my best friends lately. They have been victim to a common phenomenon known as the expat exit. Last week, Wolverine and Anne left for Hong Kong. This week, Dave's going back north, and Erin left earlier this year for Indonesia.To mark this sad occasion, we had proper goodbye meals. This one included Singapore's most delicious dish: chili crab. Chili crab is served with Barry's favourite buns for sauce dipping. He says they are just like babies.The best side dish for chili crab is black pepper crab, which also deliciously laughs in the face of western seafood sauce convention.Chindian fried noodles complete the meal.
Unless you're still hungry, then $1 will buy you an ice cream sandwich, made with pandan bread.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Weekend Walk Wonders

This weekend, Barry learned about communism.The reason for this is that once we got tired of wondering about the giant balloon across the street from us, we went on a walk in our neighbourhood.The weather was so bright, even golden Buddha had to wear shades.
Street fires burned out of control. And cemented-over former garbage chutes provided intrigue.
The Teochew Drama association didn't seem to have any shows on today.
But as usual, we were more interested in the street kitties.
Also entertaining were alley plants decorated with crab shells. Intriguing.
If you're looking for room 401, it's around back. Similarly, this door reveals the secret codes.
This man was stirring vast vats of curry with what looked like a rake.
In the end, we had troubles finding our way. Where did the stairs lead to? Shouldn't they connect to this door?

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Storms, Birds & Intelligent Issues

I thought you might like to see what a storm looks like here. Sadly, my photographic adventures failed to capture the lightening. But I did capture the intellectual pigeon, below:In other news, we've been typical mature adults lately. But seriously, we kept space, at least.We also checked out some of the local industries lately. The Drugs and Nutrition company across the street seemed it would sell things that we wanted, however it was closed.
We assume the uber-modern Institute of Science is making some cutting-edge discoveries.
And, shocking development! Graffiti in Singapore! With quasi-political slogans! Shocking.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Laura, Barry and Ho Chi Minh

Why is this woman hidden underground, and why is Barry tunnelling away? Well, because of the Vietnam war.These are the Cu chi tunnels, used as one means for the Viet Cong to stymie the Americans. Also used were booby traps show below. The Americans fought back with their own weapons, as detailed at the museum formerly named the American War Crimes museum. Fair enough.To move on to brighter topics, here are some balloons.And a picture of me and Jack. Fruit.As you can see, I fit right in in Ho Chi Minh. I even tried the local convenience dogs, but the cat food smell stopped me.HCM is a pretty city
filled with Vietnam's main mode of transportation, the overloaded scooter:More, including mad chaos videos.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Eurasians in the 70s

I get a lot of searches for "Eurasian Culture" so, let's start at the beginning, which is the 1970s. In the 70s, Eurasians had tendencies to wear purple shirts, white pants and Asian socks. They smoked in rooms decorated like this. Perhaps you'd like to see that bedspread again?
Nice. The Eurasian phone of choice in the 70s was the Telboss Sweetone - cutting edge.
No actual cigarettes were harmed in the shooting of these photos.