Saturday, February 27, 2016

Learning How to Gin

We went to Anti:dote to try the excellent award-winning drink called Atas. It is made by award-winning mixologist, Tom, who also helped Barry to turn 40.
One mistake you can make, if you're just having a coupla-drink evening, is to tell an award-winning mixologist that your New Year's resolution is to learn to appreciate gin. He will see this as a challenge.
I learnt a lot. Above, Tom is teaching me about column-distilled gin, as well as the linkage with Dutch jenever. But I had to listen carefully, otherwise Tom got mad and his eyes glowed red.
To achieve ginpreciation, you have to drink teeny tiny cocktails, with successively fewer ingredients.
I have to admit that the lavender gin cocktail improved my appreciation for the column distillation process.
Barry also worked on his palate, while feeling like a giant with his tiny glass.
In order to graduate Giniversity, you must appreciate the subtle flavour nuances of juniper vs. citrus and sage. I'm not sure that I'm all the way there, but at least I've now passed Gindergarten!

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Pinoy Surprises

Nothing helps us to stand firm and deeend like a crop top. But you likely can't wear this top if you eat too many SkyFlakes or Cracklin' faux pork rinds
We decided to give the Philippines some respect this weekend at Lucky Plaza, our local Pinoy mall. It's very threfty.
 Filipino food involves a lot of pork.
But if you look below the nutella, you might find a free meal.
We were more into the all-purpose sauce, which inexplicably comes in 2 flavours. The red sauce on the right is red banana sauce with tasty vitamin B6!
We couldn't decide between the Bangus and the Milkfish, which are actually the same fish.

The Philippines has tastier, bright coloured desserts than some of its Asian neighbours.
Barry, as usual, stuck to the T-shirts. "Singapore: Smartest Drawing Room of the World". I missed this international competition, because I was hanging out in the parlour instead.
I went with a butterfly cocktail shirt to make me more crealive.
Other mall features include the ability to turn back time.
To achieve beauty through snacking.
The mall also brings cheer.
And sad poems about goiden love getting broken on the roed so mandaly. (Engrish shown does not reflect the rather excellent English capabilities of Filipino customers.)
I tried to take a picture of Mol Girl South Koea XinXi, but somehow she disappeared from sight!
 So we went home and did some SRLX Filing.

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Kibble, Half legs and a Gutter fall

Good news, Barry and I have a cover for our new album!
And Barry has started feeding me Tanner Kibble, a delicious customized snack.
Barry has also been working to stare down those extra-creepy eyeball stuffies that haunt your dreams.
We took a quick trip back to 1990 to visit Kmart. Then saw some of our Australian friends, who are looking good.
Except for Ian. This is what you look like after water balloon crime, which is apparently a real thing.
Our friends back in Singapore have issues too. Erik got extra intense when the sesame fish snacks came out.
Back in Australia, they seem to have a thing with half legs.
Back in Singapore, we saw our first Singapore Airlines flight attendant out in the wild. (Only ever before seen in hotels, airports, and the airline magazine).
 Barry admired some modern locking and bike seat technology.
And we visited the vacant former railway station.
The food place is "Close Sunday, sorry lah".
It is forever 10:20.
And Kiriman Ekspres has 7 digit phone numbers from 10 years ago.
Taking this glove/tracks picture, I finally, after expecting it for so long, fell into a 4-foot deep open gutter, which was luckily dry today.