Saturday, January 21, 2017

End of Sloth Season, Start of Chicken Season!

Well, the holidays are over, and the hand-painted ornaments are now moldy.
But luckily Barry and I looked festive in our matching festive sloth sweaters (Barry's is scrunched).
Barry is trying to cope with the January blues by learning to appreciate Tequila, which is not easy so far.
In Canada, we were enthralled by the middle eastern food, above (buckets of hummus and garlic sauce), and confused by the chip flavours below.
And revolted by the "If you could eat one burger before you die (because you would die quickly)" burgers with candy and deep fried cholesterol inside.
Air Canada, known to be flexible on timing, is here also making jokes with weather, or there's a deep freeze in Mexico.
But the biggest shock of the holidays was discovering Barry's dad, the professor's, until-now secret literacy issues!
We were back in Singapore long enough to see the re-decoration, now for Chinese New Year!
These chickens are surprised to be in a cage.
But this one has escaped with decidedly un-chickenly wings.
Also in Singapore, I saw Captain Obvious. He is standing in traffic to unnecessarily direct buses around his clearly broken-down car. He has not learned the "pushing it out of the way in neutral" trick that Canadians somehow know from birth.
And now we're back on our fabulous business trips. Barry is in a scary scary hotel.
And I'm amusing myself by learning about tamarinds. Did you know they are the only fruit with an exoskeleton?