Monday, May 2, 2016

Bangkok Buddhas and Monsters

This is how I help Barry to appreciate flowers.
These are special temple flowers, in sharp geometrical arrangements.
There are a lot of temples with a lot of Buddhas who need flowers.
The best Buddha is reclining behind Tim.
#monkselfie, it's our first!
The temple is not without its dangers
But Buddha has some snakes to ward off the gangs.
And the temples have toothy robot monsters!
The provide security, structural support, and add colour to the scene.
Do these sequins emphasize my thunder thighs?
Barry didn't believe me that these were robots, as opposed to traditional mythical beings, until he saw the high tech sci-fi movie poster!
Sadly, amidst all this glamour, the strange cat-monkey has been neglected. His tail broke off and he seems hungry.