Sunday, June 29, 2014

Buddha Rennovations

Luang Prabang's temples are a restoration work in progress.
Above is before and below is during. Restoration NGOs know what a pediment is - we did not.
Here is a restoration monk at work.
These ones got it right and built the story up with stained glass.
Here, we think monk Jimmy got one wrong, see if you can spot it.
These things go on top of the roof.
And the end result is beautiful!
To protect all of this good work, you adorn your temple with multi-headed snake dragon monsters.

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Laura and Predictive Text

My new phone has now learned a lot about me, and here is what it would like to share. This entire blog is written by choosing one of the 3 default next words Samsung suggests. I will now outsource my job and all future writing accordingly, and just stick to writing lists.

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Sunday, June 15, 2014

Lao Bamboo, Sticky Rice and Lady Goddess

Luang Prabang is a peaceful kind of place.
Next to the Meekong rivers and its little brothers.
The town is watched over by Phra Mae Thorani, who wrung out her hair to flood away bad women trying to prevent Buddha's nirvana. Presumably she found a way to save the animals first.
Where you eat river weed and dip your sticky rice into tomato and eggplant dips.
We did not tried the black dried bananas.
We did try buffalo, but not in this format.
And cured bbq port carefully clipped into a bamboo stick.
Other than the hair goddess, we didn't fully understand the sculptures.
But we did make it across the bridge.

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Taking to the Streets

After tourism fatigue, we saw Lady Buddha while figuring out what to do for the day.
 Although I couldn't figure out how Lady Buddha fit in with man Buddha, Barry navigated the way.
We took to the streets of Da Nang, a far less touristy place, where the latest in sun protection fashion can be seen.
We went on a great street food tour with a Vietnamese-speaking expat.
Here, we can get away from cumbersome things like refrigeration.
 These women don't care about catering to the tourists.
Which do you prefer, smoked meat above, or avian flu risk below?
Never mind, I just thought of a great addition for our home!
I bought the local hot sauce and a container to bring it home in.
Barry tried to fit in with the locals.
But he wasn't wearing the proper t-shirt.
Lunch started with fermented fish sauce noodles (something about a hanging dripping fish),
And finished with beef salad. That's better.

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Too much Tourism?

There was a bad sign at the beginning of our day.
What is too much tourism? Above is the answer we settled on. When you're in a place, in this case Hoi An Vietnam, which has it's own amazing coffee. And yet we stopped in a restaurant and got something worse than you'd get at Earl's diner. What are some other signs?
Endless knick-knacks in the old town.
The old town which you have to pay admission to enter.
Where you see more tourists than locals.
I tended to agree with the motorcycle sandwich lady's sentiments.
It's ok, at least you can hang out on the beach.
And then finally, when you can't find the local food. I'm sure the scallops are great, but they're completely western.
Oh wait, what's this?
Aaah, that's better. Travel snobs rejoice.