Sunday, July 13, 2014

Plants in Cages

Nature can grow really fast in Singapore, so you have to be careful where you park your truck.
Yesterday, this was a busy street, now it's a nature trail.
By the side of the road, you can see exploding berries, another of nature's dangers.
Our friends Will and Catherine came to visit, so we took them to see nature in a safer environment.
Here, the tall, sharp, and creepy plants are kept safely in cages.
Even the small ones, you can see, have brain-like structures and venomous fur.
These small flowers are all marching in the same direction while planning their attack.
This tree made Barry concerned about his figure, and he asked me to see if he was pear-shaped.
And then this happened!
After our narrow escape, we had to take revenge on the plants! Here, Barry is seen eating his new favourite thing: Scallop coconut chili ceviche rolls. Several herbs were harmed along with a cabbage.
And basically, any restaurant that can make bibimbap into a delicious dessert deserves several visits.

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Monks and Sticky Rice

Everywhere we went in Luang Prabang we saw monks.
We also saw, and eat, a lot of sticky rice.
Very early in the morning, these things start to combine, with old ladies gossiping outside their homes.
They give each monk a handful of rice. Serene and sanitary.
There are hundreds of them, and it is very beautiful except for the pushy tourists. As I was standing here at 6am, I saw the Canadian High Commissioner to Singapore. This is not the ideal time to interact with embassy officials, I think.
After a while, the monks start to blend into each other.
Each temple seems to have a pet that walks alongside them.