Saturday, July 30, 2011

Beijing in Red

Above, kids at the forbidden city. I think the emperor didn't want to let the kids in. With all those concubines, they must have made a lot of noise. Below, delicious scorpions, fried birdlets and other delicacies.We stuck to less exotic snacks, although we threw in a freaky bun for good measure. It failed the yummy test.Also failing was the wine-flavoured pocky, despite the poem.The hanging ribs with mushrooms and sticky rice were the winner. Since we did not realize you had to order by piece, it was a bit awkward to eat the lone rib.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Sparkling Kitties

This is the story of the Sequined Cat Vest.Wearing this vest brings admiration from everyone around you.The wearer of the vest is bestowed with near magical dancing skills,matched only by those of Argentineans!After touching the vest, I felt like this:After wearing the vest, it is important to have your friends help replenish your vital sugars.The cat vest loves everybody, even disbelievers and dogs.Underclothing is optional. A personal decision, really.But from where does such a mysterious creation originate? Is it one of a kind?We smart, global citizens investigated!And oh my goodness there are so many more! From Indonesia to the world, let sequined vests adorn us all!And let us also wonder, a little, about the careers of the above models.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Italians of the Week

I call this: Three Bald Italians Shearing a Sheep!They were just downhill from this pool, where it was too cold to swim.
Above this was the Steep Driveway of Testing Nerves, the sloping path above.And then even further below, across lake Como, was the house in which George Clooney sometimes lives.The Italian beverage of the week is the Spritz, which is cool for being bright orange! Drinking these does not help you find George.The ice cream of the week is Jug o' Gelato, shown above.The hotel of the week is the airport Sheraton, which gave me the above plate free, likely mistaking me for Mr. Clooney.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Low Res, High Cheez

We've been enjoying our serious photo booth hobby again.Note the enlarged bluer eyes and lightened hair. Such are Japanese photo desires.
Believe it or not, many of the special effects were Barry's choices. Although we ran out of time due to our illiterate confusion.