Friday, November 26, 2010

Eating Hong Kong

At first, Barry was a bit scared of the food in Hong Kong, but then he cozied up to some horseshoe crabs.The crab seen escaping succeeded! I gasped at the short-lived drama.Usually, HK food makes people happy.
But sometimes there are stranger reactions. Food spectrum: from mobile razor clams at a Michelin star restaurant.called whatever this says. That fat tire man is clever.
And finally here is proof that Asia CAN do delicious desserts. Esthetically pleasing, well, perhaps not as much.

Monday, November 22, 2010


A strange thing has happened involving oddly red hair...on Barry's face! It is for Movember, a charity supporting prostate cancer and male depression through the growing of a mustache. (I guess Augustache was already taken). Anyway, you can support his Movember here. Above, Barry's Mo is shown eating manly sausage rolls. Below, ways we've found to camouflage it in pictures:
Below are the top five comments on Barry's Mustache so far (not all of which are mine):
1) Barry, how many colours of hair does your face grow at once? You're a roan cow!
2) Oh man, I flinched because I thought you might kiss me and I was scared of the pain.
3) No, I don't want to grow one, because look how bad Barry looks!
4) You keep adjusting it, but it's still crooked.
5) It's so itchy, I'm not sure I can last another 10 days.
Feel free to donate, more pics here.

Friday, November 12, 2010


Sorry Frank, but we found ourselves in Hong Kong again last weekend. Barry visited his friend,And I wanted to learn some funful English! This is how you well mount a sign. Well is not equivalent to safe.Hong Kong is fast paced, perhaps the fastest of them all.
So you have to take time to stop and smell the fish in bags.or the roses.but not the durians! This place forbids durians (only in designated areas), dogs, gambling, smoking and some other stuff:

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Happy Deepagiving!

We recently celebrated Deepagiving, which is a combination of Thanksgiving and Deepavali. If you think about it, they are similar. Deepavali is the Indian Festival of Lights, Thanksgiving is the Festival of Eating with Indians and Pilgrims.Peacocks, turkeys, you see the similarity.Our friend Laura made festive hats for the pilgrims,
and the Indians.
This is what Deepagiving looks like. There are flashing lights and rugby (as close to football as available), and Indian flower decorations.