Sunday, October 31, 2010

Barry en Europe

Lately, Barry's work's taken him to some interesting places. Above, La Défense and required Dutch shots. Below, stereotypical French ones: Barry avec baguette, Pensevr, chien gâté.
In Paris, it appears Martians are a faux pas.But Engrish is available.Even back in Singapore, I suspect Barry might have had more fun than me in the last month...
But at least I enjoyed some Mexican food at a hawker centre.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Barry's Business

One of Barry's better business ideas is to sell Singapore's Fire Rhino to the world redneck market. That's right, this sweet ride comes fully equipped with manly fire-gear! Spray away your tailgaters and turn on your siren for road rage (where local laws permit). And did I mention it's called a Rhino?
Open door areas allow your mullet to blow in the wind! Now clearly it needs better rims. The scoop stays, but the lights need some mods. And voilà, Fire Rhino can compete with the Humvee, convertible Jeep, Ute (In Oz, the El Camino isn't yet dead), and any SUV with a snorkel!
Soft-top option extra. Anyway, while Barry's away on business, I'm having lots of fun: Though I admit I've made this mistake a couple of alarming times.And I'm sometimes too lazy to make coffee. Local kopi (strong coffee with sweetened condensed milk) is a great substitute.
However, since I'm not even close to mastering the straw/bag combo, I usually end up with the pour/spill combo instead.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Hong Kong's Other Bits

Above, Hong Kong Blue Ice beer. Below, Labatt Blue, Labatt Ice. I'm just saying, don't you think the HK-Canada migration might have led to some idea sharing? Now onto more important things: In Hong Kong, don't eat your hamburger friends until outside the MTR.
No graphically illustrated spitting.
Here are some other specific rules, don't gamble while your clothes are drying.
Our hotel was also strict!
But the sweet brown taste of sticed conches shark's lip certainly makes up for it.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Tall, Fast and Bumpy

A few weeks ago we went to Hong Kong with our new HK friends, some of whom look into the camera.There have been comparisons between Singapore and HK, however I noticed more differences than similarities. HK has Singapore beat when it comes to walking speed, population density, and cool buildings.We went to Victoria peak, but the rain obscured our photography.