Saturday, December 1, 2018

Happy Holidays - Don't forget to be fantastic!

Creepy mannequin-face and I wish you happy holidays! We tried to take a family picture with this little boy, but he didn't cooperate.
The festive linguistics were not as good as some years.
But we found some Animal Farm wrapping paper.
The French paper features woodland and polar animals including the less common fish-throwing penguin, all of whom are happy about the forest, it seems.
And an ice scraper in the $2 store in tropical Singapore.
My favourite was the Strange to meet you light switch stickers. Get milk piquant taste. Confusingly, the worded parts won't actually go on the light switch.
If I had problems with Barry peeping during my relaxing time, this would surely help.
Our soap dispenser was not up to date, so we replaced it with "Have good taste in interior", rather than "Bath time that you can refresh".
We hadn't realized, but it was good day to surf on the dish.
The photographer screwed this one up, but it would be a great diet plate, since it threatens: "Eat a lot, and you will grow bigger".
I believe this is metaphoric, but I'm not good at poetry.
In contrast, this water bottle carries a more somber message about global warming.
During the festive season, it's nice to spend time with "qoo".
Slogan for 2019: Don't forget to be fantastic!
Happy holidays from us and the furry reindeer-head trophy!