Saturday, October 8, 2016

Patriotism and Fermented Fish

We went to Ho Chi Minh city, where there were patriotic chants and traditional costumes.
The chanters were only mildly more happy than this bride and groom during their photography session.
We went to the market to get some fermented fish stuff.
I think it's cheaper if you buy it in bulk, and prevents anyone from coming near your luggage.
I don't yet know which of the 10 types of dried shrimps I'd want to buy, nor whether they have much nutritional value.
This stall uses a CNN screenshot of President Obama and Anthony Bourdain in far away Hanoi, to entice foolish tourists.
Foolish tourists are usually less enticed by the animal guts. Barry was upset that my picture of the brains (top right) was not in focused. But we were dodging flying pig parts.
You know, just updating my Facebook status, with some intestines and livers. Some of the sellers had their feet on the table too...
The sign behind these dried sea cucumbers mentions that the same place also sells purses, bird's nest, and embroidery, so that's convenient.
Prettiest thing at the market? Blue crabs!

Overall, Vietnam has developed noticeably in recent years, and the traffic is increasingly orderly!
There are still a few infrastructure challenges.
It's still fun to see what can be carried on bikes. I believe these are urine sample jars!
I got a Vietnamese pedicure. These are supposed to be lanterns and flowers, but look at bit like pumpkins on my stubby toes.
We also found a spot to play wall video games.

Sunday, October 2, 2016

Don't Touch my Porch

We went shopping at For Your Just.
The corn bags were pretty good.
You can get a t-shirt to go with your mood: rebellious,
Funning you,
Or, trying too hard to be happier than you really are (which is a very common Engrish theme!)
I bought this one, which says: "Without haste, but without rest", which is how to jump into a pocket.
I think it will help me to be slick and successful.
I frown upon any insight given to me by Rapunzel, given her situation.
But I think it's likely hard to look away from the aliens' three eyes.