Sunday, September 30, 2018

Pyramids and Pita Heads

We went to see the pyramids.
The pyramids are big. Here we are for scale.
We were not so good at the cheesy shots that you're supposed to take. But here is me lifting a large rock, I think.
The camels posed for us as well. We learned that they have weird knees.
We don't look as meltingly hot as we felt.
This is the sphynx, except that in real life sphynxes are supposed to have sphynx noses.
The Egyptian wonders are still being restored.
The best view was from our hotel. We found that Egyptian beer went well with this.
Now let's take an interlude to talk about pita bread, look how fluffy!
It is carried on your head. I think it's something that you need to learn young.
This woman appears to be carrying manequins standing on her head box, but that's just trick photography.
This woman, however, is carrying an unsecured plastic bag on her heard. There is no logical reason this shouldn't fall everywhere.
But this guy is a clear champion. Crazy traffic, bicycle, and unsecured pita, amazing!