Saturday, September 16, 2017

Elephants, Hockey and Snow White

It's Deepavali time, so we get new elephants in little India!
Barry still claims to be afraid of elephants.
This is some kind of elephant umbrella art, in a back alley with minimal art-appreciating traffic, I'm afraid.
While I got my medicure and panicure, Barry went shopping.
He found a lot of Canadian content.
Sadly the Habs shirt didn't fit.
In kids clothes, there was the sky bus.
There was "I heart the rack",
And "It looks like itsgoing to be a wonderful weekand" USA Sporting.
But the best was Snow White's "I love post man sent you a".

Bizarre Bhutan

This is the palace of Bhutan, where the government makes up unusual laws. One such law is there's no alcohol on Tuesdays, and no one warned us.
Every day at work and while playing archery, Bhutanese are required to wear their traditional dress, shown here. They somehow can aim arrows across the length of a football field and not hit their friends. 
Bhutan qualified for the Olympics team once, but didn't win because the distance wasn't ridiculous enough for them.
We got to try, and you can see our guide's shock when Barry hit the much closer target.
There's quite a lot of Buddhism, and we learned who all of these deities were, but I mainly remembered that none were women.
Then we went to the paper "factory".
We bought some of their high tech wares.
The food in Bhutan is unusual, and challenging for the tourist to access. The national dish is chilies with cheese. Modern places have replaced local cheese with plasticky velveeta.
We went to the market to learn more.
Here, they have very hard rock cheese, which you soften in your mouth to eat.
Evidently, this takes all day, or there's something wrong with my mouth.
The best food is momos, which Barry learned to make here.
Apparently we made our skins too thick, but they were pretty delicious!
To help you enjoy to road and the scenery, Bhutan has unusual road signs.
After all that driving, time for a traditional very hot rock bath. We found that the prison-like atmosphere cut into the relaxation somewhat.

Sunday, August 20, 2017

The Royal Kingdom of Bhutan

We went to Bhutan, which is full of mountains and prayer flags.
The flight landing is apparently quite perilous, and the airport closes regularly.
 Here's a plane landing.
We admired the airport valley.
The highlight is hiking to the Tiger's Nest monastery, which is the white dot in the middle mountain.
Some people use horses for the ascent.
It leads to a different experience in enjoying nature's beauty.
This is the picture you're coming for.
We thought our hike was hard, then we saw this guy.

Sunday, July 2, 2017

Searching for Food Trends

If you're looking for the next food craze, I'm sure you could find it in South East Asia. Egg coffee combines custard and coffee, to make your caffeine chubbier! The special drink below burns off some of the pesky alcohols!
We went to the local market.
There were many things to be eaten.
Maybe this is the next superfood?
Maybe water chestnuts, which were being sold everywhere.
Maybe not at the butcher's. Why are the feet always so close to the meat?
Maybe we could popularize grubs.
We tried crickets (seen here). But after tasting them, we decided maybe not.
Apparently charcoal is trendy so you can have burnt ice cream. We'll see which of these earns mass appeal.