Saturday, January 12, 2019

Suitable uses of headwear

This week, Barry was taller than average.
I struggled with the local retail scene. So I succumbed to, where they had plus size jeans size 26-34 slim pencil (but no size could be selected when ordering).
Luckily, I found these kerchiefs made with exploding Tao treasures and noodles! (Ed. note: the Tao Treasure is a ship that has not exploded).
And this one, made with cashews, plus it's soft to slip.
This scarf is great because of the race breeze, obviously, and I'm beginning to think that cashew nuts refer to paisley.
I found out that there are certain scarves for bank cabinet members.
In fact, I learnt that different headwear is appropriate for different life phases. This one, for spring water pregnancies in autumn.
This one for winter the wine, when your hat hat is thickening.
This one exclusively for stir-frying vegetables. Expensive, given that.
Done stir-frying? Onions make your eyes huge? Here's the right hijab for everyday turban bubbles.
And finally, an educated guess, this is for covering your (gross, unwashed) hair during confinement.
And then, the foreign trade exploded with these disturbing images!

Saturday, January 5, 2019

Kangaroo Frolicking Holidays

We celebrated the holidays with Mark in a new bar and instaglam drinks. It's ok, because they taste good too!
Singapore Airlines reminded me that I have a freakishly long torso. I had to redocorate the plane a little.
Barry was festive after buying mangoes in the Hunter Valley, Australia.
Our holidays looked like this (grape vines in the distance).
Below, I'm tasting 5 shirazes, and learning that I don't have the palate to discern between shirazes.
Barry made the most of the rural experience.
Given that he grew up in the megacity of Kingston, he still thinks that cows are interesting up close.
I much prefer kangaroos, which were lounging outside out porch.
We were lucky to see them fighting, although these are dusk-quality pictures. First, they start witht the slaps.
Then they stand on their tails, which is a great trick!
There is some embracing.
And very flexible necks.
We came home with a solid supply of wine to kick off 2019!

Gilles and Barbara 2018

Our journey to the above beautiful wedding started out with trolls.
It seems that the German winter markets have themes. We went to the elfy/trolly one, and learnt that gluwein, hot mulled wine, comes in red, white, beer, cherry, and flaming rum! It's good to balance your diet with different kinds.
We practiced our selfies on the way to the wedding.
I did not practice to not cut off the bride's head, unfortunately. But she still looks radiant!
With my lesser photography skills, I captured things like "Bride's reaction to flower girl wearing basket on head".
And, "maid of honour distant happy look".
Inside jokes.

And post-wedding drinks.
Beyond the wedding, we experienced the beautiful beach.
Barry and Tammie demonstrated how to instaglam. You're not supposed to post how much sand comes out of your bathing suit afterwards.
These were not even Barry's best wipe-outs. Also, my friends were concerned with Barry's neck stringiness.
I dedicated my toes to the wedding, with bride, groom, and ring toes.
I also did candid shots to show our wedding glee. Here is the groom, chilling.
Photographer, explaining the secrets of her trade, and why her camera is so huge.
Sun + book.
Sunset beach giant inflatable ring.
My friends' admiration at my sportiness.
Still practicing selfies. Barry keeps mansplaining where to look at the phone, and you can see here that he's clearly wrong. That, and my sunglasses tan.
Candid pensive shot. Totally not posed.
Finally mastered selfies. Although doing it this way gets you a double chin, it seems to work better.