Friday, June 14, 2019

Less Serious Animals of the Serengeti

Oh, hello there!
Barry is particularly proud of the picture below, given the timing plus horizon zebras.
I was infatuated with ostrich feet.
Check out the warthog's facial wattles! I just learnt that wattles are similar to caruncles and dewlaps, which are often meant purely to impress the ladies!
We had troubles taking some animals as seriously as others, including this crested crane, which has a red inflatable throat pouch - which you can imagine would come in handy.
Similarly-endowed are the brightly-coloured safari posers, seen here with culturally-appropriating braids, cameras to instaglam things they can't actually see, and soft, inflatable egos.
I'm pleased to learn that lions are as photogenic as I am.
Did you say photogenic?
Who needs wattles when you can accessorize with mud and parasite-eating birds?
And a skull so heavy no one can eat it.
Did you say heavy?
A reminder of why good dental hygiene is important!
Hippos mainly stay in the water to avoid overheating their sensitive pink bits.
Elephants, on the other hand, come to water so that I can watch them frolicking, ideally all day long.
Poor Demi, here, got her trunk caught in an evil snare, but luckily she's still healthy, years later!

Serious Animals of the Serengeti

We gnu we'd like seeing the wildebeest migration. Without fancy BBC drone footage, it looks like this:
The zebras and wildebeests are old buddies, because symbiosis.
If you look longer, you can tell zebra apart by their butts.
They snuggle by resting their heads on each other's butts.
That makes the giraffes jealous.
Anyway, where there's large herds, there's kills.
It's not the prettiest thing, really.
This is as close as we saw to seeing a kill actually happen.

We did not see hearty feasts of hartebeest.
Mostly, the cats we saw were resting.
Including baby lions,
teenage lions,
and old lions.

Sunday, June 9, 2019

First Class Friends, Sourdough, and Sea Lions

We find ourselves in a Hanoi airport hotel, where the bathroom is prominently on display.
In the airport, you can now consume bird's nest in a convenient sugary drink! 
We stopped in Hong Kong, where you can see Poad. We showed bad judgement by taking pictures of the pig sliver and tonic medlar menu, but not of our friends Sunita and Sam (shown here).
This is all thanks to a mistake fare provided by Cathay Airlines.
So, here we are on a impossibly priced first class trip. Look how far away Barry is!
 Each seat has a guest seat with a seatbelt, which Barry appreciated.
You can eat together.
Gotta appreciate the caviars, since they help make this ticket cost a smackillion bollars.
 Here's where we ended up.
 In the land of sourdough, which is an excellent midnight jetlagged snack.
 If you tilt your head back enough, you can tan under your chin.
 So there's lots to see in San Francisco, including the surprisingly shiny firetrucks!
 We have great friends to host us and makes sure we ate well.
 This is the best picture I got of (Krista and) Trent, who is rolling his glutes.
 Our friends Laura and David own the coolest of laundry businesses!
 With Jen, we worked on our stellar selfie skills!
 It's ok, there was a selfie-mirror, and we look better in reverse.
 This is what they do with bears, I'm not sure why.
This is Barry trying to demonstrate his inner angry Neanderthal.
 Once we got 1 good picture, it was time to leave.