Sunday, January 21, 2018

Sunset Juice, Winter Peripheral, and Devil Strikes

I always see these face shaper rolly gizmos. These ones cost over $200, so they must be amazing at facial smoothenation. I asked the Google Translate picture app to explain it to me. Here are three different kinds.
The cheapest and most travel-friendly rollator is only for the small juice in the front end. So it's very local sum specific. The Ray Face, has the additional OTA ability plates absorption, and helps with sunset juice in the woman township. A lot more features.
The original/premium ReFa CARAT has two specific depth, so I guess it does both front end small juice and sunset juice, with its finger specific approach and systemic Reed products. So I recommend this one.
I found out a lot using Google Translate. Here, they sold winter peripherals for lovers of the colour white.
But then something scary happened. The translated words started to change right before my eyes!
While we're consistent that cava makes your mood rise, the cuteness shows up inconsistently, along with the fruit rich and hungry taste.
This cava changes throughout the night. As first, it has vision bubbles on a night desk with dining.
Then it supplies the third of the foam and the devils strikes widely!
Then there a foamy Aquarius shows up.
And the night ends dramatically, dying, a bush of the night, along with a father. No one wanted that to happen.
Luckily, the cigarette warnings made more sense. If you smoke month city you will death risk knack the health!

Monday, January 1, 2018

Holiday fairies, astronauts, and victory!

Merry holidays! This tree in Seoul is accompanied by a nagging countdown. It was 60 days until the winter Olympics, and we still don't have everything booked!
Singapore thinks that winter, Santa, creepy elves, flying reindeer, fruitcake, chestnuts, sleigh bells, etc. are not enough, so we have new holiday themes, such as this fairytee. We made poor work/life balance decisions, so this from-car picture is the best we got of the space holidays d├ęcor.
This year's holiday wrap is not as creative as the past, but I'm pleased to announce that holiday French is abound in Asia. I prefer the "Petit et gentil" ornament.
I prefer wrap with seasonally appropriate messaging. (Note, not an actual model 58, from my checking).
Nothing bring yuletide joy like these simple statements.
I like to tell my gift recipients how to live, you know?
And when the gift is wrong, I give them a "Thanks anyway" gift back.
I'm not sure when it makes sense to give a camouflaged gift - seems more like an Easter thing.
While I disagree with the travel message, it is a victory to receive a gift from me, really. It's a subtle message.

Monday, December 18, 2017

The Last Ride to the Waffle Tree

It's nearly the holidays! We celebrate in the traditional way, with home-smoked cocktails. It adds extra carcinogens to your liver-toxins. Speaking of which, let's admire Rajoo's marketing. Imagine the conversation at the slogan agency.
We also got our annual Korean socks. Avocadoes and fish ecology are stylish this year.
I have found out, in fact, that not wearing socks can be hazardous.
Barry has found the creepiest hotel art so far on his business trip.
Let's artanalyze. The bunny is holding what we hope is a hat, (or perhaps meat, or his own innards), while an apple falls nearby. Meanwhile, something not the right colour to be his tail or the tree root, slithers around the back of him, which may be the cause of his obvious surprise. Barry slept soundly beneath this.

When he got home, Barry recovered by posing for holiday pictures with the Instagram dog statues.
For Christmas I got Barry this magic egg de-sheller as seen on TV. Off-screen, it pulverizes eggs and blows bits all over the kitchen. A win!
I got Barry a coffee stencilater, and he got me a stamp. So I showed my appreciation by rejecting his breakfast offering.
We didn't get this tempting stocking stuffer.
We don't have a real Christmas tree, but there is a Tree Protection zone, double-fenced, right outside our place.
Then there's always the waffle tree. (It didn't seem that this place made waffles, but they also didn't have much English, so we can't be sure.)

Sunday, November 26, 2017

Flavours of Engrish and French

Engrish comes in many categories. Here, hazard warnings. They're the best.
Next, some history. It's not clear why pioneers were relevant to Hokkaido butter.
Culinary, appropriately in Flench.
Here returns the common theme of animals eating themselves to advertize restaurants serving them.
Travel. Both of the Flenches may be victims of a bad translation from English.
My favourite Engrish is that which defies categorization, like flower language.
Or stalker notebooks. In fact, there was so much notebook Engrish that I skipped most of it.
The most common Engrish theme is a confusing combination of self-help and friendship. There is always light behind the clouds.
Hello Kitty, although a 43 year old British cat, apparently, still reverts to speaking in Engrish parables.
This message negates the nose shading message from the last entry, I think. So we need heart instead of beauty.
No, wait, not heart but happiness instead. No consistency.
Let's end with this Flench, which includes a lesson of regret.

Sunday, November 19, 2017

The land of glass creatures

We went to Otaru in Hokkaido, Japan, land of glass creatures. Here is the sky cats section.
Pigs in the bath section. Each one is slightly different, just like real pigs.
Sea creatures. Some of which inexplicably look like owls, which were in another section. I bought a glass beansprout. I haven't figured out it's use yet, but I'm pretty sure it will come in handy.
In the fish market in Hakodate, you can fish your own breakfast cuttlefish. This man splashed his girlfriend in the act, and then they ate the wiggly pieces together.
I tried on the accessories available.
This trip was also educational. This electricity pole was the first concrete one in Japan. Fascinating!
I learned that you can shade your nose to make it look narrower. My nose being narrow enough, I'm going to shade myself a few extra abs.
Barry learned that the giant asparagus face hole thing isn't well suited for selfies, and it would have been better if he'd waited for me.
The food was delicious and beautiful for fall, although Barry lost a lot of face, unfortunately, by screwing up our reservations. He will have to use the nose shading cream to recreate it.
The airport for Sapporo is not withouth its flaws.
The food poisoning menu was not available. The other menu didn't let me take away, but luckily I still found my way to the misplaced gate 68!