Sunday, July 2, 2017

Searching for Food Trends

If you're looking for the next food craze, I'm sure you could find it in South East Asia. Egg coffee combines custard and coffee, to make your caffeine chubbier! The special drink below burns off some of the pesky alcohols!
We went to the local market.
There were many things to be eaten.
Maybe this is the next superfood?
Maybe water chestnuts, which were being sold everywhere.
Maybe not at the butcher's. Why are the feet always so close to the meat?
Maybe we could popularize grubs.
We tried crickets (seen here). But after tasting them, we decided maybe not.
Apparently charcoal is trendy so you can have burnt ice cream. We'll see which of these earns mass appeal.

Sunday, June 11, 2017

The Streets of Hanoi

In Vietnam, you can see just about everything on the backs of motorbikes. These cars are here to cause child hazard mayhem on the streets!
Don't worry, the army guards are available to keep things calm.
You can buy just about anything from these basket ladies.
This one is selling paint, knives, socks, and hair elastics.
This one is more specialized on feather dusters.
But there's competition in the feather duster market!
There's lots to see in the streets, and many tiny alleys.
It's a good place for wedding photos.
Once we were done with the streets, we went to the tracks.
The tracks are a touch close to the buildings.
Very close, actually.
But once the train's gone, everything continues as usual.

Saturday, June 3, 2017


Update: cigarette lighters are now fun car toys, and smoking is fun and healthy too! Also, we sat next to a contortionist on the plane.
It's apostrophe snack time! If you eat too much Cosy, you get Roll's (sic). But don't worry about Ahh' triple cheese: no real cheese is involved.
Wipe that milkiss off before you eat any Marine Boy or Lucky Stick.
We went to the is me ! covering to check out the clothes.
These shoes overdid it on the branding.
I bought this shirt, because it expresses my true feelings.
I think this shirt may be engrish pictorial rap: "Bail fresh out of California dreaming, as I step on the I'm hearing hoochies screamin".
This one is less confusing. The oh yes crystal ball goes well with the Emotaiwan bassabi.
Finally, spotted on an elderly woman on the bus: the bag makes her feel good!!

Sunday, May 28, 2017

Otters and Vanity

I finally saw Singapore's famous otters, who have moved into our Bay. They're eating orange fish.
Last bite.
I counted 10 otters, which is a good sighting during a downtown lunchbreak, I figure.
In other news, Barry and I have been enjoying the views (here in Kata, Phuket).
Selfies are no longer enough. You need your friends to take poser shots.
They'll help to make sure your butt is at the right angle for the asselfie.
It is imperative that you do NOT enjoy the view while taking pictures. Your online profile doesn't care about such things.
Try also to avoid the delicious food.
Here's my poser shot. Barry and I decided to limit it to frontal shots.
I think I did better than him, no?

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

No Hawkering, skirts, or clean water

Caption contest?
Welcome to a Kuching, Borneo, where these guys kindly request you refrain from sell(er)ing your goods at the temple.
It is not without infrastructure challenges.
And unusual naming conventions.
What do you get at Le Food restaurant, you ask? How about local rain forest ferns!
Barry was looking for D'loves in all the wrong places.
The right place was this $2.5 laksa place, which is the best we've had so far in Asia!
Eating it from the take-out bags in our hotel room was challenging, though.
Then we had some American-style clothes made, like this old military shirt.
A new site in Kuching is the Upside Down House. This is the latest thing in Asia. We did it wrong.
First, don't wear a skirt. Rule #1. It makes the pictures look all wrong. Duh.
Luckily, they had picture spotters, who help you to know what to do. Otherwise, all of our shots would look like this.
Rule #2: you need to always be on tiptoes, or it looks weird.
By the end, with coaching, we mastered what skill there was.