Saturday, August 1, 2020

Flat out? Try kittens!

In Australia, they say "flat out like a lizard drinking" to mean working hard, which we saw for the first time with this giant monitor lizard. But it didn't seem that hard. Aussie slang remains confusing.
We didn't get to close to this 2m long beast.
Everyone's been looking for new things to do lately. How about urban gutter fishing?
We went and gazed upon another country. This cost me $22 in roaming fees, but if you super-zoom in, you can see a crocodile's eyes and nose.
Of course, we can't go there. There are several obstacles in the way of travel these days.
So we admired the local nature. This is a plant that grew in a tree, fell to the ground, then grew on a rock. Badass.
This week, I've been working on my red pepper mezcalita...
But Barry wouldn't let me garnish it with the perfect wildiflowerstick.
Just when we were running out of ideas, we got invited to the best place ever!
Our friends Keri and Jeroen are lucky ducky kitten fosterers!
Worries, what worries?
I can keep 3 in my lap at once. I think they all love me as much as I love them.
They are still hand-sized.

Sunday, July 26, 2020

Blossoms and Bubbles

Here is the story of how we got these roses. First, we had to achieve a state of bubbly zen.
Mark and Alex brought us to a picnic with bubbles and more.
Here's Alex, admiring Mark's egg slime! (Masks removed only when eating, of course)
Then, we had to admire the beauty of outdoor flowers (I call these quintilliums), and seek to bring this indoors.
Other solutions simply won't cut it.
As a third step, we had to learn new things about ourselves.
Barry: not a fan of Sugee cake, nor of stereotyping.
Finally, we were ready to visit the secret inner sanctuary of flowers!
We floral-filled the car!
And now our house has more glee, but still no sugee cake!

Saturday, July 18, 2020

Distanced with Lights and Food

We now eat out cautiously and occasionally, so we choose wisely. I was able to take my feelings out on a surprised pig!
I went to the offline grocery store once this year, and found it disappointing.
But we've found social distancing-friendly places to eat.
There's lots of space at afternoon tea, but tea itself can make you look like your grandmother, I'm afraid.
Mark, on the other hand, looks extra fabulous at tea!
Speaking of fabulous, we also got a private ArtScience museum visit.
Glowy interactive lights flowing around my feet.
Here, Barry is killing flowers.
Guess who drew the Shell car driving around the light wall?
You can program the glowy lights pathway room with your phone.
This selfie reflects our blinky lights mood.

Saturday, July 11, 2020

Nature and Graves

Hornbills! Finally getting better a nature-watching.
Well hello there, Changeable Lizard, you have a boring name, but fun feet!
Spot the wild bananas.
One of my favourite Singaporean parks is Bukit Brown cemetery.
It's a bit overgrown.
But the graves, from the 1800s to the 1950s, are glorious!
Different styles of guards provide protection.
Guards with guns, in statue form, to protect the already dead. It's confusing.
Lions are a common option. This one's cute.
Oh, hey buddy, there's something on your face.
I prefer this lady guard with the complicated up-do.
I also really like the intricate sculpture work.
The descendants provide variable levels of upkeep.
Red paint is popular.
The original Peranakan tiles are spectacular (and would have been stolen in many countries, I suspect).