Saturday, November 21, 2020

Hiking with Giant Leaves and Hidey-holes

Tired of what's on TV? Confused about the Legend of Defecation? Then it's probably time to go hiking.

Look for the giant jackfruit tree, and then climb the stairs.

And enter into Singapore's wilderness!Here, you can find protection against the potential rain.And admire the natures!
The rail corridor has 24km of railway converted into trails.
The old Bukit Timah Station is still there, along with the track switcherators.
Then, if you follow a different trail near the hook-trunkers,
You'll see some WW2 remnants. This is a machine gun hidey-hole pillbox near the Labrador Battery.
I learnt that a battery means a buncha guns, so we checked them out.
The Brits were in charge, so Barry felt he should help out.
I kept watch with this guy, who I called Harold.
As in a surprising number of places in Singapore, there were mysterious ruins.
And even better, haunted fenced up tunnels with large cobwebs! 
We found out that Singapore has water villas, but they're part of a scenic boardwalk, not for fakations.

Tuesday, November 17, 2020

50 and Fabulous (OMG, not me, I'm still 32!)

So, birthdays don't count this year, UNLESS you're turning fabulous 50, in which case we get to extra celebrate. We all put our sparkle on for the occasion.But I accidentally exploded the stress ball into Fabulous Mark, the birthday boy's face, it was so exciting!
This is the third stress balls I've busted this year. I'm not stressed, you're stressed!I did really like Calma Llama before her demise.
Anyway, I'm still unsure whether I like horticulture. I'm also confused about whether or when my tomato plants, started in March, are supposed to die. Aren't they annuals?

But the mixology hobby is a diffferent story, and has reached new levels for Fabulous Kelly's 50th!
This is how excited I was to make my own gin. Here, you can also see my secret recipe!
I call this Gerald and Pot Still. It's all about obtaining the right drip, and using the right amount of your head and tail distillates!
Fabulous 50 Kelly has mastered a very complex recipe, although the use of dried fruit puzzled him.
Barry named his gin after the cat, and Moose approved. (Much like others this year, Moose has gained nearly a full kilo this month, since he's been working from home).
Around town, there is more festiveness.
Christmas and Diwali decorations went up at similar times, although I prefer the latter.Barry and I are celebrating having made VIP status at our local bar. Major Accomplishment!
My selfie-skills, however, have gone all Blair Witchy! (No mask because outdoor exercising.)
I don't know what I was trying to do, but we look scared even when brightened, although I was relieved to find out it was indeed Barry behind me!

Sunday, November 8, 2020

Moose Introduce: A Happy Story!

On this joyous celebratory weekend, let me introduce Moose, the cat. Moose's life started out tough, but now he gives hugs. First, some context. Singapore has lots of semi-stray cats, who live in HDB apartment complex ground floor open areas, and are generally well-fed, neutered, yet subject to the rain and various infections. They have short hair, clipped ears to show they've been fixed, and usually have bobtails:
Since lock-down, we've been brisk walking sauntering on the highway bridges, given fewer pedestrians and great views. (Also, for the record, in Singapore we wear our masks outside the home except when eating or exercising, as below.)
So, on this highway bridge over the river, nowhere near human sources of food or rodents, and we saw a little sad, wet cat sitting in the gutter. The first night, he fled to the precarious river-side ledge, so we fed him and left. The second night, I sat down and chatted with him. Then I called Barry to bring me some tuna, a duffel bag and his bike. Moose made no protest.
When we got him home, things started looking up for all three of us. First, having eaten (a lot), Moose cleaned himself up nicely.
Then after a short stint of hiding, he came out to say thanks, and we learnt that he's chocolate brown with medium-length fluffy fur!
I think he was happy with the situation.
We had to give him a bath to get rid of his lice. He said he was cold, so Barry ("not a cat person"?) warmed him up with a hot water bottle. (It's 27C in our house.)
Not pleased.
But Moose is a sweetie, and he forgave us once he got dry and even fluffier. Here, we shared some morning loves.
From the vet, we learnt that little Moose had lived a rough life on the streets, undernourished, his growth stunted, with foreign matter in his stomach (plastic?) and a small cleft palate that makes him sneeze when he eats. He's 8-18 months old.
Moose let us de-louse, de-worm, vet-inspect, brush and cut out his matted fur, with nary a claw nor a hiss. And he managed to de-plastic himself with his improved diet.
He says he's better suited for working from home.
We were pretty sure he liked us.
Over 2 weeks, he gained nearly 25% of his body weight, and started to tell us that he was a pescatarian and preferred fish to meat, please.
He also liked our friends. Here you can see his forehead bald spot from sleeping on the pavement. (Moose's, not Raed's).
I wanted to keep Moose forever, but Barry is terribly allergic, so I had to get one of them adopted. Yesterday, that happened. Moose is in a wonderful forever home, with a lovely cat person who loves him as much as we did. We cried a little lot when he left, but this is now our best event of 2020. Moose has a special thank-you for Keri and Jeroen, who delivered us cat supplies overnight AND found his adopter!