Sunday, May 20, 2018

Always Cooked Chicken

KFC here is always cooked, so that's good news! We've been elevating our standards too!
We went to Bangkok, where inexplicably (like, even the locals' explanation was confusing), there are zebra figurines at the local shrines.
And then, we stopped using cutlery!
Gaggan, best restaurant in Asia, eschews such niceties.
Their menu is based on emojis. That way, you don't have to think as much about what's in a dish.
Here are some lotsa food shots.
I think this one, black garlic dumpling, was my favourite. But it's hard to remember them all.
Barry liked the sandwiches.
Beet flower was the prettiest.

Sunday, April 29, 2018

Mutant Bugs and Dog Never Line

Let's start with some mutant bugs. Extra scorpion pinchers, branching legs!
We went to the Insect and World wonders museum in Chiang Mai. They answered the lifelong question of "How do mosquitoes know they around you? Because they find you!". Helpful!
When the creepy-crawlies get to be too much, it's best to soothe yourself with beehive symmetry. After all the bugs, we were hungry for some local sausage.
Speaking of food, this is what you can buy to feed the fish. We debated whether cheezies were fish food or human food, but concluded they're neither, really.
We went shopping, and there was a desert theme, plus patronizing pillows.
The ducks were happy, and Barry bought the T-shirt, to pose next to the Shabu de Bear.
We did not buy the stuffed carrots, but now we know where to get them for the Olympics.
Remember, dog never line.
And bricks represent nature.
Paprika is not a real french fry flavour.
This owl seems to be perishing next to the good morning lion.
Barry preferred the naughty bear.
Finally, if you wondered what grace is, it's a bunch of blue lines, next to a "Nice Flamingo, something for life".

Sunday, April 15, 2018

Wat Feelings

We went ot the temples (Wats) of Chiang Mai.
The deities demonstrated how to sit modestly while sporting a loincloth.
We felt a mixture of emotions. I felt admiration for these green bejeweled guards.
We felt frustration at our inability to take a selfie with temple background. What's wrong with our arms?
I was happy about all the elephants.
Frontal elephant emerging from golden temple.
Rear golden elephant elsewhere.
And then, fear! Given the darkness, I originally thought these were live monks, sitting perfectly still and staring. I'm not ready for Madame Tussaud's.
The multi-headed monsters were less alarming.
Buddha looks much thinner while reclining.
But you have to avoid taking your wedding pictures by his feet.
Sometimes, you get disappointed that the glitter doesn't show up well in pictures.
This repeatedly gold plated Buddha is a bit more sparkly, but also gives you a loofah craving.
In fact, after a while Barry gets hangry and prickly!
I wanted to stay for Monkchat, but Barry said my topics were "wildly inapprorpriate". He opresses me like that.

Monday, April 2, 2018

Chunky and Mouthful Pancake Face, with some Penguins

I'm going to start with this, and then we'll talk about how we got here. First some lessons:
Penguins have a lot to teach us.
We found these penguins in Chiang Mai, Thailand. One of the famous eating places is Cowgirl Pork: very tasty!
Figuring out where to eat in Chiang Mai is hard. We rejected Chunky and Mouthful.
And settled on this strangely-named place.
Naturally, we followed this by a trip to a retro spy bar. But I'm not good at spying, stresses me out.
When it's hot and touristy outside, it's good to spend some time at the mall. Ms. Mango's arm was broken, so it's safer to hang with the cows.
Outside the mall, there are even more beautiful elephant sculptures, since the real elephants are largely gone.
Speaking of elephants, I am large but weak compared to local tribespeople.
Anyway, we found this blunt marketing, which Barry realized was his dream.
We thought this was going to be a fantastically 3-D printed pancake wonder, but the process is slow and manual, except for the outline.
Barry and Pancake Barry were very pleased with the result, and now we know he's replaceable.