Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Dieties of the Sea and Chin-ups

The blood moon showed up recently, and I demonstrate how impossible it is to photograph. Luckily and randomly, the restaurant let us use their telescope, where you can see into the moon's pimples!
I noticed an unusual wall the other day.
It involved water-spewing fish, so I knew we had to get a closer look.
There were also giant feet.
This is the Ting Kong temple. Sadly no other information exists on the Internet, so all of the information below is my hypothesis. Don't buy into the fake news.
The sailors from the nearby port (used to?) come here to pray to the maritime deities aplenty.
This one is all about the gourds, helping sailors' prayers for tasty and plentiful rum, because that's the best sea-drink.
Here the god of wisdom and skateboarder answers sailors' prayers for strong sea-legs and smooth seas.
The most successful deities prominently display their bellies, to the envy of the other gods. And sometimes, also their vintage Nikes.
There seemed to be a series of leisure dieties, if you ask me. Here, Barry fails to nail the pose of the god of waterskiing.
The deity of golf (at first I thought it was hockey, naturally), for those simply taking the ferry to Bintan (our neighbourhod island with more golf).
Finally, the lesser-known deity of recorders, haunting children's dreams everywhere, and horrifying teachers with songless screechy noises.
Around the corner, we saw the more common Buddha, seen here in the erie night lady form.
But by then, Barry got distraced by the fitness equipment, so it was time to go home.

Saturday, April 13, 2019

Intrude: The Fifth Element

Ginza by night. This is where the former panda likes to drink Hoppy! It's a malt product that you add to shochu to make a tasty, healthier beer substitute, with vitamin B!
It goes well with Okonomiyaki, which we've gotten reasonably good at cooking!
In Japan, we've learnt to expect the unexpected.
Like the lesser-known, terrifying fifth element: Intrude!
I hear you, girlfriend.
You can hang your wishes at the temple. A surprising number of them featured wild boars.
In our hotel, the gym told Barry what he was allowed to eat for dinner.
Mission accomplished!

Friday, April 5, 2019

Young Drivers and Parasites

We went to the Megaweb Toyota City Showcase to see the future.
We learnt why the Japanese are such good drivers - they learn really really young!
We only saw minor fender-benders, and all the children survived.
We also went to the Parasitological Museum.
I'm not going to lie, it was a bit freaky.
I hate it when this happens!
And afterwards, we totally worried that we were suffering the same fate as this fish.
We started seeing parasites everywhere!
I worried about these Bendy Ladies too.
There was an unrelated Mosquito Festival, somehow. Let's itch together?

Saturday, March 30, 2019

How to Quit being a Panda

In Tokyo, it's wasn't quite time for Sakura blossoms during our short visit. But it was the season for large white strawberries!
We like visiting Japanese grocery stores.
Barry for the beef.
Laura for the pretty things.
Upon further review, I still don't know what these cookie pockets are, but I imagine you add hot water and a meal shows up.
We also like the stationary. Here, it shows how to rebel against being a panda.
Doing your Will can be challenging. Better to buy the notepad template.
We always find new things. Got bad breath? They've got solutions.

My colleagues taught me about kushikatsu, which is delicious if not healthy.
To compensate, we went to a restaurant whose specialty is turnip. This, I don't get.
On the way home, we passed the Christ-y bar.
But chose a less religious option. They had Ninja ice, known for hiding.
Barry had ice envy.