Sunday, July 29, 2018

The Freshies You Ever Ate

The ice queen of Singapore has discovered chutoro fatty tuna now available in a piping bag, so if you need cake decorating ideas...
We went to the Japanese mall to watch the tofu wasabi-soysauce weddings!
The $14 peaches and the $118 grape bunches came to watch as well. We've tried the $20 grape bunches, and they taste like wine dreams, so we can only imagine.
But today we stuck to udon.
Also at the Japanese mall, I found out that the Radwimps are coming to town.
And I read about the latest in slimming treatments. This mummification evidentaly scares the crap out of you, so you leave thinner. Geesh!
Unlike mummification/beautifaction, the Japanese find nose hair to be gosso! I'm concerned about the safety of wax-yankery that Mark and Alex got us, so I'll try it on Barry first.
Now that we're all freaked out, let's reflect on how homes are about stray birds. Who knew?
Although the Japanese mall is my favourite, it still makes me feel like this.
But luckily, I saw this "Duck in a bag" truck on the way home, slogan: "The freshies you ever ate"!

Sunday, July 22, 2018

Your brain has a flying seahorse!

Looking for household appliances? There are new brands emerging in Asia that you might not have heard of yet. I think you'd remember if you had.
Anyway, I just got back from visiting my sister and family, who are serious about watering their lawn.
She lives in the land of perogies and summer sausage, both of which I enjoyed.
Summer sausage originates from the Mennonite community: Anabaptists similar to, yet somehow less famous than, the Amish. For more splaining, read this.
We discussed the latest trends from Asian beauty magazines. It turns out that the meaning of life is putting sunscreen on indoors to avoid the hideous effects of rogue sunrays.
Once you've achieved supreme D-deficient palour, you can judge men by their face shapes to determine their matability. (I think this is called Eugenics...).
Naturally, I brought everyone the latest in Asian treats.
We learned some good vocabulary.
And, in our anglophone self-righteousness, we found this animal to be hilarious. However, it turns out there IS a seahorse in our brains! The hippocampus (aka reptilian sub-brain) is named after the mythological flying seahorse! Let us teach the children!

Saturday, June 23, 2018

Powders, Trees, Ramsoms, and Salty Licorice

Let's start with beet powder: whenever you food needs a smackdown of class, sprinkle elegantly and damn - elk tartare beauty!
A big reason we went to Finland and Estonia was because they are food havens. Above, local mushroom soup, which looks like dirty water. Below - so much salmon!
We got to try local flavors, like spruce. I'm concerned that Canadians are missing a huge evergreen culinary opportunity, having now learnt you can eat trees. We also learned about ramsoms, shown below with scallop and celery, which are fun to say and eat.
Here, steaming spruce flavours to excite Barry's palate.
Despite Barry's glee, we did not eat here, so we still don't know what Estonian Eurasian cuisine is.
I like to try dishes that I could never ever make at home. This one is called: Tomato.
While we add maple syrup to our cocktails at home, naturally, the Finns and Estonians use salmiaki, so salty licorice, a taste I finally developed once finding it in booze.
We were less sure about the naming convention of the local chocolate bar and its connotations.
At Noa, in Tallinn, we had one of the top 5 meals of our lives. They invite you to meet the chefs and see the confusing preparation of this fire-oil cooked beef bundle.
In Finland, the default assumption is that the bill will be split, because their society is more advanced. In respect for this, we took a "Man behind the Woman" shot.

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Better Building Bling

I'm not usually so much into buildings, but in Estonia and Finland, the buildings were fantastically storybook-worthy.
I felt inspired to write fairy tales about them.
Another reason I don't post about buildings is it's hard to make funny comments.
Luckily, here is Barry proving that he's taller than a Medieval Estonian, or they were better skilled at ducking.
Just on my way home to the castly-place, but I'm worried my front door doesn't have enough bling.
How about some Russian influences?
Finally, here are some gargoyles who show us how they really feel, holding up buildings all day.
We walked through the old town wall/tower to get more educated.
Along with the door bling, it's best to decorate your building with a turret, several colours, and a plague commemorating someone/something with a very long name. It makes me feel ashamed of my modern condo.
More door ideas, for your art deco lifestyle.
And the best idea for home decor - a pupetteer plaque, everyone loves that!