Sunday, July 22, 2012

Polonnaruwa Promenade

We went to Polannaruwa, which is an ancient city with perhaps a couple surplus syllables. The heat is as shown above.As you can see below, it has been reconstructed like a jigsaw puzzle.Our driver got into the photography.He also explained to us the detailed sculpture. Mythical creatures and animals were involved in these structures, which centered around Buddhism and taking baths.After that, we took a stroll through the market, which had unidentifiable vegetables.Here's Barry, trying to go unnoticed.It didn't work, I think.So we stopped and bought the best mangoes in the world. Also shown is the ridiculously omnipresent cracker advertizing seen throughout Sri Lanka. As if there had been a tenfold budgetting error in the cracker marketing budget.Later, we went to the Kandy cultural show. We thought it would be cheesy, but it was an amazing talent-fest!
Below is the peacock dance.All good shows need a bit of fire, right?Finally, this is our goodbye dinner with our driver, Sunil, who showed us many of the fabulous things Sri Lanka has to offer.

Zen Quest 2012

When we last spoke, we were trying to find zen in Sri Lanka. Clearly Buddha, shown here in recline, did.We went to the Tooth relic temple in Kandy.Once a year, they parade around the relic of Buddha's tooth on an elephant.We didn't mention that another tooth is closer to home.
Speaking of teeth, here in the golden temple teeth are linked with lotus flowers. Toothcessorizing.We also sought zen in Hinduism.and candy cane-coloured Islam.But then on the street, our driver was traumatized by close parking, and accused the other driver of being intimate with donkeys. (We did not see any donkeys in Sri Lanka).
But back at our hotel, this was more like it!All it needed was combining with a huge bag of devilled cashews. Because spicy cashews rock.As you can see, I clearly then achieved zen. This picture actually happened on a digital camera. I think the second Laura is my aura.
Post-zen, all the letters got rounded.
And this picture happened, losing its dimensions. It looks like the Bank add was on my computer and I pasted it on here, no? Zentastic.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Sigiriya Rock

In Sri Lanka we went to a really big rock called Sigiriya.Surrounded by smaller big rocks, it was an ancient King/Monk hideaway.This is the area for making speeches. Luckily I had some things to speech about.
There was much landscaping, which was apparently historically important. To me, however, making cheese or liqueur seem like better monkly activities.
On the way up, there are paintings of ladies with big, um, hands.The ascent had dangers, or perhaps a clever way for local guides to provide "protection" for a fee.The view from the top shows a lone Buddha in the distance.On the way back, we saw a wandering elephant. I wanted to stop and snuggle it, but Barry disagreed.
Then we went back to our hotel in search of zen. We didn't quite find it here.
or here.But this was a bit better.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Animals that are not elephants

Ok, there were some other animals. Above is the water buffalo, which is a floating cow with horns. Not sure how it made the Big Five, I think corruption was involved.Slightly cooler was the purple faced langur, although it has a black face.You can never go wrong with a cameleon cameleoning.How about a mongoose? That's what they call squirrels in some places, to make them into fancier animals.Now the above are called huge very scary bats in any place.Luckily, we were protected in the Difender, which made Barry extra tough.This is what the Difender did to my hair.The peacock's hair stands on end too.And above is a Kingfisher, not just for beer around here. Speaking of vices, let's transition to Engrish. Look, a "No Smorking" sign. I've always wanted to see one!I thought channeling was for dead loved ones. But I supposed if your doctor died, and you're feeling unwell, this could work if you didn't need a prescription.Sri Lanka wins the for best tri-shaws/autos/tuk-tuks/three-wheelers (choose your preferred word). They are somehow all clean and new, and adorned with random expressions. Dont worry, Add Master Advertising, Its my fashion, and How is my Beautiful!