Monday, April 27, 2009

Zoo Monkeys of our Time

Last weekend, we went to the Singapore Zoo. Along with the standard creatures, like the warthog above, the zoo presents some fantastically cute modern day monkeys. Below is the 80s tribute white mulleted tiny-faced monkey.The stressed out, unhealthy diet leading to hemorrhoids monkey.The high-maintenance done-up big-tailed monkey.
And finally the, white-faced, "does-this fruit make my tail look fat" monkey.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Faux Pocky

Pocky, the famous Japanese snack food, has inspired admiration and imitation. And gender-specific flavours, such as "bitter" for men. Below is the lesser-known Malaysian "Rocky", which Barry enjoys in pink.
And the sexier Korean "Pepero nude" shows amazing innovation but putting the chocolate on the inside! Wild!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Echoes of Melaka

Despite its Unesco World Heritage status, Melaka did not awe us with its splendors. Most of what it offers, we've seen before, such as Chinese temples,with figurines of Buddha-esque dudes draped in minimal clothing in weird positions,historic shop houses,and signs bearing huge feet. We did learn of Melaka's pirating history. This, however, had strange effects on us...I attempted, but failed, a pirate imitation with sunglasses substituting for the eye patch.
And Barry simply turned into a zombie:

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Nemo: Found!

Last weekend we went to Cairns, Australia, to visit our favourite ecosystem, the Great Barrier Reef. They call it "Great", because when you go there, you enter the fantastical world, as shown above with Barry's captions. We didn't take pictures, so as to avoid drowning, but we saw the following fish: starfish, clownfish (nemo), parrotfish, wrasses, groupers, sea slugs, a loggerhead turtle, giant clams, angel fish, cutttlefish, and all the other fish that exist! My favourite fish, the parrotfish, and my favourite snorkellers are shown below. Did you know that clams can exceed a metre in length?No pictures of me in a wetsuit need be shown, but here is my reef-induced joy.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Enduring Beauty

Melaka, known for its historic sites, is also home to the Enduring Beauty Museum. Conveniently housed in a scorchingly non-airconditioned building with the kite and 3D museums (bring your own 3D glasses), this exhibit shows what various people do in the name of beauty. Modern exhibits, featuring Botox, stilettos and silicone leakage are undoubtedly forthcoming.This person demonstrates the supreme stretchiness of lip skin.
Above are some tiny slippers for bound, broken and gimped-up Chinese feet, which bear a striking resemblance to today's high heels. And finally, below is what a hot young idle British noblemen wore to impress the ladies.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Telhado Faltante

Ruins of the Convento do Carmo ruins in Lisbon. Ruins of the Portuguese Cathedral of Saint Paul in Macau.Ruins of the St. Paul's Portuguese church, Melaka. I feel that the roofing labourers of colonial Portugal may have been lacking.