Saturday, April 16, 2016

The Streets of Bangkok

The streets of Bangkok hold many surprises, including squished faces in bags. That's what can happen if you don't treat your skin with snail slime.
You can buy anything you want. Here comes the broommobile!
You should walk in the morning to get your mandatory monk shot. Tim got some good ones.
My favourite stop is the rubber stopper and golden temple accessories stall.
You can carry them in your circuit-breaker bag.
There are delicious street snacks. Here, Tim captured the light shining through the dried cuttlefish.
Grab and go fish, already deheaded, descaled, and no refrigeration needed!
Pig face is the most delicious and chewy.
As the tour guide, I followed the map expertly, while Barry hid behind a tree. In fact, the map was useless since we didn't know where we were - that's what phones are for.
And, no matter where we went, there were at least 3 eyes watching us...