Sunday, January 29, 2012

Bangalore Galore

Dressing in white (dust).
Above, the seller of bags, below, Bengaluru Santa, I think.We found the blanket-selling doggy to be cute.The shirt below says "Riding Racoon", which I didn't originally notice since the chicken looked so delicious.This seemed less delicious.In Bangalore, you can buy the best pens in the world, it's amazing!Or non-vegetarian clothing. Mmmm meety.Barry gave this a "Thums Up"!One way travel is by gender-segregated dump truck.These little dudes warn not of the dangers of such methods, but about not using your mobile phone while driving.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012


We had a typical Canadian Christmas.
This year I got two Mennonite summer sausages, so that was extra special!
Santa embedded presents deep behind the tree, which a small elf had to extract.
Traditional Christmas alpaca finger puppets.Traditional Christmas Burmese lacquerware.
We listened to traditional Christmas music.And contributed to important Christmas skills like eating with chopsticks.
Here are some of our traditional Christmas treats. Do you prefer tomato chocolate, above, or miso-ramen chocolate, below?A traditional Japanese Mexican meal of taco rice is best followed by sweet potato Kit Kat.
Or perhaps Crunky Ball. I think you can't go wrong with Crunky Ball, really.
Then, as per the tradition, jet lag and the cold caught up with us as shown.
Luckily, Santa made us some turkey soup to heat up at our hotel.