Saturday, July 27, 2019

Selfies with Lips, Ice, Ducks, and Axes

Finally, a successful posie-selfie! Here, we demonstrate our V-face beauty. The W hotel is mainly made for selfies, as Barry demonstrates here.
Jen and I thought this one was good until we realized that it looks like she's rubbing my belly, and it's never good to have your armpit showing.
I almost did this one right, except the sweater-waist makes my belly look huge. Helpful selfie-hint.
The Ice Bar is also made for selfies, but since I went last year, I had to make up new poses.
Lesser known is the Korean glowy beauty face mask selfie, which is tricky, because you have to keep your eyes closed.
ME is Korean, so she knows about these things, but I was more confused, because the instructions were in Chinese.
So instead, we moved on to duck selfies. Posing with a duck is very flattering.
Third place made for selfies: Axe Throwing bar.
They also had harpoons.
My amazingly aimed shot and left arm weird recoil. (Again, unflattering waist sweater).
I'm really good at sports, and aiming things at other things.