Saturday, June 28, 2008

Beat Rising Food Prices: Live in Singapore

This article explains all. Note that at the time of writing the $Sing 2.50 is about $CDN 1.62, accounting for tax differences.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Taste Test

In our continued quest to adapt to the taste of the mythical Durian, Barry and I tried chocolates with durian filling. Here are the shots of our initial tasting:And here is our reactions after the burning onion taste penetrated fully and the durians beat us into shape

Got Pests?

Don't worry, just get a pest valve, and they'll get sucked right down! A lesser-known Apple product.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

High Tech photography

My new camera, rather than having a night setting, has a "Happy Faces" smile enhancing feature. Here are some examples of how it works:Above is Luis before and after the plastic surgery.
Barry before and after the bike ride.
David, after the bee stung his lips.
And Barry relaxing in bed.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Japanese Marketing

As the gift bag above demonstrates, the Japanese take marketing to a whole new level, laughing in the face of linguistic tradition and grammatical correctness. Here are some examples found in Singapore, starting with some dubious snacks:Followed by a gift card, and everyone's favourite, instructions:

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Marketing in Singapore

Though Singapore is an English-speaking country, the Singaporean use of English is slightly different than ours. This can lead to some expressions that we might find funny. Here are some examples. We start with a sign for a walking club, which states that "A walk a day keeps the fats away."The second is a store advertising the brighter deals in town. Not the brightest, but brighter. Finally, two signs outside a construction site, which I think are advertising the future mall there.

Part Fruit, Part Reptile

The fruit of the week, as seen through the cellphone camera, is the salak from Indonesia/Malaysia, also known as the snake fruit. Like dressing in goth, it serves little purpose other than to look freaky, the taste is no mangosteen.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Rage Against the Machine

Laura in Singapore is temporarily disabled due to the loss of my camera through a hole in a bag onto a beach on an Indonesian island. My camera was over 2 years old, so I expected to be able to upgrade without much difficulty. Here are some examples of what I found, instead:

1) This model is an upgrade of my lost camera, but with more zoom. Sadly, said zoom is only usable when you curl your pinky inward, and rotate it up and down, which cannot be done at the same time as composing a picture. Furthermore, the lack of old school viewfinder makes this camera unusable in sunny days. These are common here on the equator.
2) I looked at this expensive model, but learned that it was designed for infants. I can only press these 3mm-wide buttons if I sharpen my nails into points. Also, a mini Swiss army knife is required to turn the upper dial, which is an issue with airport security.3) This premium model has been designed with a smooth tapered edge, to assist it in slipping out of your hands during use. The 5 buttons and 2 dials (note the handy "print" button), do nearly nothing, and most of the counter-intuitive user interface is displayed on the screen, again providing uselessness in the sunshine, and rage everywhere.4) Finally, here is my favourite. This fancy-ass camera has a large screen and no viewfinder. But don't worry, this expensive camera has many exciting smile-detection/blink removing/anti shake/face detection features to compensate for the fact that it works indoors only.Since camera designers have clearly been on strike, and "point and shoot" is out of style, I am now in the market for a used camera.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Laura and Barry in Little India

We are very excited to have signed a lease for a lovely condo in Little India. It is central and surrounded by fabulous food. We will be living in a two bedroom the 18th floor apartment overlooking not one but two Hindu temples. The pool is olympic sized - do you think that will help Barry's thriathlon time?