Saturday, February 23, 2013

Tarsier Time

Somebody was a little surprised to see us!
During the day he should be sleeping, which makes his eyes a bit smaller.
But not his fingers, those are always long. And he can curl up his foot, can you?
Oups, I think he heard us!
In other animal news, the ants are taking over, and the kingfishers have come to Singapore!
Finally, here is one last Tarsier, because they're just way cooler. This one's angry too!

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Hello Engrish

I had to go to the washroom, which is how we found out how busy Hello Kitty is. Like Victoria Beckham's, her fashion empire leaves no time for rest.
Although Kitty is not to be seen, we think these shirts are Hello Kitty-inspired.
But then it got to more mature Kitty Themes, worissome in sizes 3-6x.
Then we noticed a travel theme. Apparently one's toddlers must be dressed for the occasion.
This one is the best, obviously, and I would have bought it if I knew of any toddlers into tank tops.
Then we moved onto more inspirational themes.
The above seems like a bit of a back-handed compliment to me.
And environmental messages, I think.
Teaching your kids that bugs like vegetables is surely inspiring.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Thaipusam times

It's Thaipusam, our favourite time of the year! Back-piercings and front!
Remember, this is when you can walk 4km with a decorated kavadi, which serves a dual purpose of weapon and art!
This year, though, I noticed something new. Could this be a little bit of romance?
Those limes make you look more muscular.
There was, after all, a lot of loud (romantic?) music.
This child may be a product of such Thaipusam romances.
As the kids get older, they do junior Thaipusam. Piercings, no, milk jugs, yes.
There is a lot of arts and crafting involved, often led by wives.
Below is my favourite work. Mosaic giant deity with mini-god, double layers of tassles, and too tall to fit under the tarp.
Oups, we haven't seen a pierced tongue yet. Here we go.
It can be hard to notice under all of the spikes.
Sadly, the Thaipusam pimp didn't show up on time. I had some blogging to do about him.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Kevin & Martin in Singapore

First and most imporantly, Barry started the new year with a harsh message from Starbucks. That'll be a skinny latte, next time. On an unrelated note, you may have been wondering what Martin & Kevin have been up to lately?
Well, here they are trying Durian for the first time, behind a tarp! Sexy gloves, eh?
It was a good way to help them stay awake during their jet lag. Sadly, they seemed to not mind it, so we have no grimace pictures.
We wondered through Chinatown, decorated for Chinese New Year and the year of the Snake. This means that Kevin will be 36 years old, and I will be 24, according to our calculations.
We also took them to the temple, which can keep anyone awake. There was even talk of converting to Hinduism!
By the end of the night though, jet lag started to attack their sentence structure, but not their crab appetite!