Saturday, April 23, 2016

Tastes of Bangkok

Bangkok has lots of delicious food, some of which involves chic kiwis and magic farms.
And mystery fruits. I think this is a hairy salak, flatteringly called a snake fruit.
New to us was the gac fruit, which looks like a combination of plastic and beets.
Not sure what to do with all those pomelo skins you have around the house? Well you can dry them as snacks!
If you want to eat less healthy, there's Danish Hanchesse and Bacon Danish.
This man carries the weight of a shrimp on his shoulders.
Animal, mineral or vegetable? This is some kind of dried seafood. We didn't try it this time.
Were you looking for dried seafood? Well it's abundant. Here are the fish flosses. Tim learned about about his tastes for these the hard way.
Curvy neck dried fish was also popular.
Flossy pork can sneak up on your, sometimes on crackers.
We took care of our collagen and eys with B-ing.
All it did was make my torso appear freakishly longer than usual, though.

Saturday, April 16, 2016

The Streets of Bangkok

The streets of Bangkok hold many surprises, including squished faces in bags. That's what can happen if you don't treat your skin with snail slime.
You can buy anything you want. Here comes the broommobile!
You should walk in the morning to get your mandatory monk shot. Tim got some good ones.
My favourite stop is the rubber stopper and golden temple accessories stall.
You can carry them in your circuit-breaker bag.
There are delicious street snacks. Here, Tim captured the light shining through the dried cuttlefish.
Grab and go fish, already deheaded, descaled, and no refrigeration needed!
Pig face is the most delicious and chewy.
As the tour guide, I followed the map expertly, while Barry hid behind a tree. In fact, the map was useless since we didn't know where we were - that's what phones are for.
And, no matter where we went, there were at least 3 eyes watching us...

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Bangkok Car Parts Street

In Bangkok, the car parts street is just off the main drag, in the direction of "Other Places". We took Tim, who is the skilled photographer of today's blog, there.
Near the three-eyed wolf costume grafiti. The stores start to get very specific.
I'm pretty sure we have the right sized gear in here somewhere.
Friday morning, just dropping off some clutch pads.
Barry and I admired the metalwork. Tim was so enthralled that he didn't even realize we were in the picture.
This truck is likely less aerodynamic with the plant growing through it.
Look, we found the axles! Barry was so excited that he over-flexed his calf!
The fancier car parts are locked up. They're new and shiny, circa 1992.
I had some questions about why shelves were seemingly outlawed around here.
You know, I'm going to bring some car parts downtown, and then park there for a few decades.
 Oh ya? I thought I'd go there on my PT Cruiser bike.
 But don't worry, if it all gets to be too much, there is also safety gear.

Sunday, April 3, 2016

Cowslip Creepers

 We went to Bangkok, to a hotel with a view.
Here, we met Barry's cousin Tim. Barry showed Tim how to take advantage of the hotel lounge with free food and drinks.
Tim needed to do some shopping for family gifts. We found some Engrish hats.
Blown Bear lego makes a good gift.
This disturbing store sold clubbing clothes for children.
Unfortunately we couldn't find the "Precious, you're now ready to take your place, what a excellent job" shirt.
There are all forms of Buddha for sale, shown here in velour. There are nearly as many signs saying that Buddha art is a sacrilege.
In the end, Tim went shopping at the Ploy Center.
Where he found the perfect gifts.
All that effort made us hungry for some yum cowslip creeper!
And some delicious Thai appetizers!