Monday, April 9, 2007

Hot Singaporean Dates

Since I want all my friends to visit me in Singapore, here is a time-line of my year there. While you can visit anytime, I will be less accommodating during exams (right before breaks). Also, I may be travelling during breaks.

August 20: Arrive in Singapore
August 27: School starts (Frosh week horror relived)
October 25 - October 28: Break #1
December 19 - January 6: Break #2
February 27 - March 4: Break #3
April 26 - May 4: Break #4
July 2: End of program

Travelling to Singapore
Singapore is a small island nation south of Malaysia, near the equator. See From Canada you can fly Vancouver-Tokyo-Singapore, Toronto-Hong Kong-Singapore, Chicago-Tokyo-Singapore, Chicago-L.A.-Singapore and such. While Singapore is not cheap to get to, travelling around South-East Asia is cheap from Singapore, with its low cost airlines: