Saturday, March 30, 2019

How to Quit being a Panda

In Tokyo, it's wasn't quite time for Sakura blossoms during our short visit. But it was the season for large white strawberries!
We like visiting Japanese grocery stores.
Barry for the beef.
Laura for the pretty things.
Upon further review, I still don't know what these cookie pockets are, but I imagine you add hot water and a meal shows up.
We also like the stationary. Here, it shows how to rebel against being a panda.
Doing your Will can be challenging. Better to buy the notepad template.
We always find new things. Got bad breath? They've got solutions.

My colleagues taught me about kushikatsu, which is delicious if not healthy.
To compensate, we went to a restaurant whose specialty is turnip. This, I don't get.
On the way home, we passed the Christ-y bar.
But chose a less religious option. They had Ninja ice, known for hiding.
Barry had ice envy.

Sunday, March 10, 2019

Bobbles, Dinosaurs, DNA, and Mushrooms!

What do Lady Gaga-style Bobble heads, Mr. Creepy Fox, and Orange Plumefabulous have in common?
Well, they're all part of the Chingay Parade!
Now, if you've landed here for photographic excellence, please turn away. However, if you're interested in T-Rex unicycles, here you go!
First, what is the Chingay parade? 
According to Wiki, Chingay is a parade to celebrate the birthdays of Chinese deities/the procession of the Goddess of Mercy as part of Chinese New Year. Which seems a bit heavier than Santa giving out candy, in comparison. But Chingay's fancy like that.
So in essence, various community, national, dance and sport associations perform.
Here are children dressed as fairies, butterflies, flowers and mushrooms! Mushrooming seems uncomfortably hot.
These outfits came with matching umbrellas. I call this: Umbrellas by Twilight.
I can't say I understood everything that went on.
Here, the people of India are representing, with a moving elephloat.
You know when you lay down and you feel people dancing in your legs?
More traditional Chinese New Year dances.
This act involved dancers all sewn together. I resisted the urge to panic on their behalf, but won't be joining this troupe.
This one is an ode to anti-freeze proteins in honour of Barry's dad's research, I think.
There was also a float in honour of the spacecar.

When Pigs Fly

We had additional Tanners come to visit us in Singapore. We proved that zero Tanners know where to look for selfies!
I'm a bit behind on the updates, as I've had no sitting or resting.
Also, there have been Internet issues during my travels.
But in any case, Happy Pig Year! After nearly a full 12-year lunar cycle in Singapore, these decorations still remind us of Super Mario Bros.
Perhaps you wonder what pigs do to celebrate their year? Well, dancing, and eating birds, I guess.
I'm overwhelmed with caption ideas for this picture. Something about when pigs fly, as they're actually hovering over their seats. This woman is absorbing much auspiciousness.
For the occasion, Barry and I shopped for overpriced golden piggy trinkets.
Just kidding, of course. Instead, we ate pretty sashimi.
In other news, Barry finally saw the famous otters! (In real life, the story's a bit darker).
Everyone was very happy they came to see us! Except Orange Fishy.