Sunday, April 3, 2016

Cowslip Creepers

 We went to Bangkok, to a hotel with a view.
Here, we met Barry's cousin Tim. Barry showed Tim how to take advantage of the hotel lounge with free food and drinks.
Tim needed to do some shopping for family gifts. We found some Engrish hats.
Blown Bear lego makes a good gift.
This disturbing store sold clubbing clothes for children.
Unfortunately we couldn't find the "Precious, you're now ready to take your place, what a excellent job" shirt.
There are all forms of Buddha for sale, shown here in velour. There are nearly as many signs saying that Buddha art is a sacrilege.
In the end, Tim went shopping at the Ploy Center.
Where he found the perfect gifts.
All that effort made us hungry for some yum cowslip creeper!
And some delicious Thai appetizers!