Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Mushrooms, Octopus, and Mentos

Mark had happy holidays in Singapore. You may wonder why he is hanging around the forest floor. Actually, it's a holiday mushroom tree! Happy fungal pine!
Despite the warm weather, I got good use out of my holiday octopus sweater.
Mark was less than overjoyed with his canned present, but wait until he tastes it!

We were very empathetic with our new Japanese oven mitt, who is sad inside. 
In our old age, we have developed weird travel habits. I packed baggies of healthy food like a granny.
And Barry, not finding sweetsgusting Starbucks mint coffee, made his own.
Immediately upon arriving in Canada, we filled up with lobster and smoked fish.
In rural Canada, we were sure to follow the redundantly explained rules.
Instead of snow, there was a storm of birds. Erie.
Eventually, though, Barry got to refresh his skills. 
Ottawa has a new outlet mall, ridiculously modelled after its southern counterparts, complete with outdoor metal seats and plugs, which were lovely in the -20C climes. 
I got a phone spy periscope and a label maker, so that I can put stickers on people who won't know I'm photographing them!
Barry got to try virtual reality, which makes his head look tiny.
In 2016, I'm going to try to sleep better, as well as to have better skin!