Monday, December 18, 2017

The Last Ride to the Waffle Tree

It's nearly the holidays! We celebrate in the traditional way, with home-smoked cocktails. It adds extra carcinogens to your liver-toxins. Speaking of which, let's admire Rajoo's marketing. Imagine the conversation at the slogan agency.
We also got our annual Korean socks. Avocadoes and fish ecology are stylish this year.
I have found out, in fact, that not wearing socks can be hazardous.
Barry has found the creepiest hotel art so far on his business trip.
Let's artanalyze. The bunny is holding what we hope is a hat, (or perhaps meat, or his own innards), while an apple falls nearby. Meanwhile, something not the right colour to be his tail or the tree root, slithers around the back of him, which may be the cause of his obvious surprise. Barry slept soundly beneath this.

When he got home, Barry recovered by posing for holiday pictures with the Instagram dog statues.
For Christmas I got Barry this magic egg de-sheller as seen on TV. Off-screen, it pulverizes eggs and blows bits all over the kitchen. A win!
I got Barry a coffee stencilater, and he got me a stamp. So I showed my appreciation by rejecting his breakfast offering.
We didn't get this tempting stocking stuffer.
We don't have a real Christmas tree, but there is a Tree Protection zone, double-fenced, right outside our place.
Then there's always the waffle tree. (It didn't seem that this place made waffles, but they also didn't have much English, so we can't be sure.)