Sunday, August 9, 2015

Majulah Singapura with Big Guns!

Today, my island nation home celebrates its 50th birthday, which is very exciting!
I'm a bad plane photographer, so google "Super impressive SG50 airshow jet and helicopter formations".
Though I failed to secure parade tickets, you could watch parts of the show from my rooftop above, or the riverside below. The city is all decorated; here the stadium is pitching in.
Hanging out, on my street. With lots of tanks! These ones are called Leopards. (Note: any and all military trivia in this blog is subject to major errors).
Now, I will seek to enthrall you with my newfound military knowledge. This "Short Circuit" style guy is named the m113a2 Ultra Mechanised Igla. Poor product marketing.
This guy is living the video gamer's dream in what is called the Shooting-Z-Boy.
This is a howitzer (the 105mm Giat LG-1, I think), and my new favourite word for a lawn-mower style push gun!
Dissappointingly, this is also a howitzer, of the self-propelled nature (SSPH 1). So like a riding lawn-mower. Howitzers are so long that they're hard to photograph.
Keep things safe and tidy with the Bionix Counter-Mine Vehicle (Trailblazer).
Or, for those with less garage space, there is the new K-ster (better name), a cheaper and easier mine buster. You may need several depending on the size of your minefield, though.
Today I also learned that tanks can be tow-buddies in groups of 2 or 3.
On a summer's day, though, it's nicer to cruise in the six-man Smootharmy-mobile.
This is my iconic SAF SG50 shot. Majulah.
If I were in the army, I'd want to be on the communications team. Singapore's forces are open to female permanent resident volunteers...
It's time to get serious in our weaponry. This is a Combat Engineering Vehicle. I don't think much would get in its way, except perhaps tight corners.
At first I thought this monster was for picking corn, but it is a MAN 8x8 with Leguan Bridge Laying System, helping all the other tanks cross the river!
The latest in bridgerators is the huge, sleek M3G Float Bridge. It's a bus, boat, and bridge in one.
At this point I should remind you that Singapore's birthday is a very joyous occasion, and the military parade is not the main feature.
Howitzer! Check out this space boat, so shiny that it changes the colour of the sky in front of it! So large that it needs a 24 wheel trailer! As they say in Singapore, "Waaaah" (wow).
I've always been a Rhino fan, and it's been upgraded! This sweet ride puts out fires, and is a global missed market opportunity for vanity SUVs. They waved at me to increase my patriotism.
For more serious fires, the Bambi Bucket (great product name!) is for scooping water from the sea via helicopter (sold separately). Save Bambi (or locally, monkeys) at the cost of some fish.
Happy Birthday Singapore! You continue to teach and impress me!