Monday, August 24, 2015

Geckos and Beach Creatures

Big news: after years I've finally managed to take a decent picture of a gecko! In the process I learnt that they have huge fingernails! You can see the second tail scar.
We were at the beach, where I found other creepy crawlies.
And admired to obsessive compulsiveness of the crabs.
Many people went to the beach part of the beach resort only to take selfies.
Once again, I had to conclude that we were doing it wrong, what with enjoying the outdoors and such.
Here is how to use a selfie stick at the beach.
There were so few swimmers that the boat sped through the swimming area instead, safety-second style.
For visitors who prefer to stay in their rooms, there are canned sardines and curry on offer, along with yogurt face masks.
Here is my favourite beach resort family. Dad prefers only pants and Louis Vuitton belt. Mom carries son's shoes. Son carries mom's purse, and daughter abhors sunshine. Peachy beachy.
Rather than try to fit in, we took Barry's picture with some age-inappropriate bathing gear.