Saturday, August 15, 2015

Drinking wastewater, Photographing drains, and Burning Curbside

Singapore further wished us a happy SG50 with our funpack, shown above, costing $8 per household, and assembled by volunteers.
The best items are Singa, the collectable lion (we got the SAF machine gun version), and Newater. Have you drunk recycled wastewater? I have, because I'm modern like that.
A sign it was time to get out of the house: Barry started matching his clothing to his book. There was more action on the street.
It's Hungry Ghost festival, and there were many offerings.
I find leftover streetside offerings to be some kind of gritty beautiful.
Below, joss sticks were burnt curbside in cucumber slices, next to the garbage bin.
Whoever bought the value pack of joss sticks had a lot of ancestors to honour.
Barry was more into drain apps than fires. While you may think a drain app is overkill, please remember the floods and the tropical rainforest climate.
We bought a new mystery fruit from the Thai grocer. After some thought, he told us with conviction that it was an "acorn". Hmm.
It's actually a santol in English, or a krathon in Thai, which is some kind of Star Trek character I'm sure. The pulp, which mainly gets caught in your teeth, tastes like a sour grape and lychee's offspring.