Saturday, August 29, 2015

Halloween Safety and Bunny Ears

First of all, ppy lloween! We hope that you celebrate safery.  Did you know that safety is different for men and women?
It has come to our attention that  Lang Tau Niu (LSN) (sic?) jeans advertise being copied from Canada, so we boycotted them immediately.
We will stick with more ramous brands. Ok, I'm gonna warn you now, some viewers may find the photos below offensive. I'm one of them.
I'm playing sophisticated bubble minesweeper games while travelling, and it turns out the Android facestalker brother doesn't know as much as I thought about me. I started getting these ads. Blazing Memory: I'm thinking it's a game about a sleepover gone wrong, where the victims suffer from painful deformities. I saw a movie like that once.
The women on the left started fighting back by tying parts of their body together. Bunnykins on the right wasn't so lucky, and got blazed.
Clearly bunny ears is a more common affliction than I thought. Presumably these games are both about getting medically necessary breast and bunny ear reduction therapy. The woman on the right is travelling to the west to do so, and both have sold the clothes of their backs to afford it.
Um, this game must be about the Gilette marketing department, figuring out how to advertise the new 13-blade razor.
Well, things got remarkably different once I got to Indonesia! The game on the left allows you to earn TENS of dollars by LV.10. The one on the right shows, oh my gosh, male flesh! Shocking!