Saturday, August 1, 2015

Bird Saliva, Snail extract and Corn

Don Mueang airport is Bangkok's secondary airport. When we were there, most of the flights were to secondary Chinese cities (you know, the ones that only have 5 million people).
In this way, Don Mueang has culture, fashion, language and queuing habits that are not like in the rest of Thailand. Here is the latest, so that you can update your look.
The airport shopping culture is huge in Asia. I have no idea how Air Asia even tries to implement its 7kg carry-on limit.
This child has been left to tend to the purchases, a job with safety risks. The woman sports the latest in airport shopping running sandals.
One of the most popular items is Snail White. This remarkable product helps you to "regenerate, recover, repairing, restoring, renew" (sic., and thesaurus much?) your skin. The snail "secretion filtrate" is from Korea, and you have to watch out for fakes. Yes, fake snail secretion whitening creams. The world is full of different people, including snail secretion fraudsters.
The same company offers a dietary supplement made with "Japanese salmon placenta". At first, I thought is was super cool that Japanese salmon have started having live births. But, this "placenta" is actually the waste product after you take out the salmon roe for use in sushi. Could this actually be ecologically better than squeezing snails onto your face? Or than the other "placenta extracts", which include horse?
The other hugely popular product is of course, bird's nest, a delicious treat made with bird saliva and costing over $2500 per kg. That and cup noodles at extravagant prices.
"Oh my goodness, why did I buy so much stuff? How will I fit our 4 suitcases in the overhead compartments? What does my shirt mean?"
"And what can I do about my boyfriend's fashion choices?"
It's ok, chill out and drink some corn.