Saturday, November 2, 2013

Tokyo Creatures

In Japan, there are many interesting creatures to see. I'm concerned about Bluedude's goiters.

Above, we have Floormop Sumurai and "Without your effort, American Overjoyed, you cannot hope for success".
The robot above appears to be advertising something. But the ones below are just warmongering!
As a chicken, you should be careful to not get your head stuck into another chicken's drumstick, I think.
It appears these characters like to dress up as other characters, Cosplay style.
The creatures below are Sexy Zone, apparently selected for their Michael Jackson-style sexiness. I do think, regrettably, that MJ might have found them sexy in the wrong way. Something to think about next time you're listening to "A my Girlfriend".
Ameen agrees.
So does Snidel.
We're not sure, though, what Super Mario thinks.
We also weren't sure how to manage the Maid cafĂ©, where you eat cute food like this.
And have songs sung by companions like this.
But if you stare at this statue long enough, you'll figure it out.