Saturday, November 16, 2013

Yokohama Yakitori and Okonomiyaki

There is lots to see in Yokohama, as our helpful friend (and accidental guide) Hiroshi showed us:
Here, he is seen explaining the important history of Cup Noodles, of which there have been a zillion kinds over the years.
We watched the inspirational video about how noodles stand for perseverance.
I demonstrated my gratitude and surprising height.
After learning the Noodle Story, we learned about chicken skin.
It is true, the original taste was many times of the pride. Many times.
Hiroshi showed us how to make post yakitori soup/porridge. Ameen's admiration is shown here.
We ventured forth into our own DIY cooking. Here, you can see the initial confusion.
However, some druft beer helped.
And the resulting okonomiyaki was beautiful.
Afterwards, Ana Laura even made her own mini personal version.