Thursday, October 24, 2013

Wiener Wurstl

We were pretty happy with the view from our hotel rooftop bar.
While it seems I was also happy close to the cathedral, I think I was wincing in the cold.
Now, in Vienna, Wiener means Viennese, and Wurstl means wiener as shown below.
Here, Barry is shown with wiener wurstl, and pretending to pat a taxidermied boar. This means that the wurstl probably involves boar meat, and that I didn't take his preferred picture of him snuggling the boar.
Barry also likes aperol spritzers, but with vibrant taste and colour, who doesn't?
I was a bigger fan of this stuff, called sturm, which is freshly fermented wine/juice.
The pretzels we got were more into size than deliciousness, unfortunately.