Friday, November 29, 2013

Barry the Neanderthal's Bad Times

Scary things have happened lately. Let's look at the data from Barry's heartputer sportsnerdthingy, which shows him hitting a barricade at 42.5km/hr, slowing him down rather suddenly.
I was watching the end of Barry's bike race, trying to distinguish the spandexers, when I heard the disturbing sound of ripping metal, as shown.
Here I am a few seconds later, with two doctors and an ambulance, tending to a mangled pavement Barry, to the side of the course, as captured by racetographers.
Here is a censored picture of Barry after he started moving again. If you hit yourself straight on the sternum, you can avoid puncturing your lungs, which is not the best thing to do in Indonesia. Barry did, however, lose a lot of his knee flesh. But don't think about that, just look at the kitten and puppy.
Then, more data came in, this time from Barry's genetic sequencing, which is a fun thing to do, if it doesn't get banned. It showed that Barry was a caveman who had lost a bet.
Yup, the 99th percentile Neanderthal man had to do this.
And then we went out to a restaurant. Good times!