Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Asia. In One Day.

Oh my Gosh, Jason visited Asia and we only had one day to see it all!
First stop, India: saris and gold after a curry breakfast.
Jason absorbed some Hinduism in the sunshine.
Without wasting time, we moved right onto Buddhism.
Thai Buddha above, Chinese temple below.
Finally, Buddhism is completed as Jason turns the Tibetan prayer wheel in glee.
Religion made us hungry, so we had a delicious Singaporean hawker centre lunch.
Time for some typical Asia shots!
Laundry poles, check. Street monks, gotta havem.
Traditional Chinese medicine roots and bits, done.
Finally, Chinese lanterns. Now China's done.
Of course, tropical nature is needed! What do you guys think?
The monkeys above are marvelling at Jason's palour.
It was better when he hid in a rainforest tree.
Finally, we went to Japan for the evening. After Japanese dinner, there was a magic show. Yup, that's now part of the tour. Above, Jason got tricked! Below, proof that I was actually there too.