Sunday, June 16, 2013

Neighbourhood News

What is new in Little India. Well, we have extra Dengue. However, I'm not sure how much, as I have no idea how big my neighbourhood is. Our condo alone has over 2300 people in it...
The local hotel got a new paint job, but kept is less than ideal name.
Bikes continue to grow out of the grass.
And we've learnt a little more about what goes on one block over.
I'll give you a hint. The men wait in line at the backs of the houses, and didn't like the looks of my camera.
And the front of said houses look like this. Which is sad for prime real estate, really.
However, it does provide shelter for cuter beings.
In the same block, there are small temples to purge your sins, and also this fine establishment. (We only know of one murder here in the past 5 years).
It's Singapore clean and tidy.
And men play checkers, a more virtuous pass-time.
All of these discoveries inspired Barry to shop. He got new bike shoes which you form to your feet in the oven. This sounds like a gimmick to me.
He did them too tight and it made him make this face thereafter.  And I mastered the chocolate peanut butter martini.