Sunday, July 7, 2013

Horror and Aerodynamics

First and scarymost, the subway height girl showed up in our hallway. Obviously that means we're going to get murdered like in a horror movie, where she will show up next in our living room, then beside our bed!
I disguised myself as a cowboy, and put on vanilla toe socks for protection.
In other news, following a long tradition of alternative decoration, Jason and I accessorized Barry's bike.
First, upgrade computer and cell phone holder.
Second, gender indicator to avoid spandex androgyny, and a basket of balls to throw at bad drivers and road monkeys.
Special seat cooling device.
Baseball fan bats for sportsmanship, morale, and as a weapon if necessary.
Finally, a better behind view. Check out Jason's all-into-it photography pose!
And the result: Barry is King of the Mountain, which is bikistese for Fastestly competitive guy on a small stretch of road!