Sunday, June 23, 2013

Smog Blog, Haze Daze

This week Singapore got dirty.
I went to look for the culprit. I was pretty excited when I found this, but it turns out that this is a good fire, not a bad fire.
I considered jumping into the gutter in despair.
But then I realized there are good better things to do in the haze. Like take pictures of the freaky moon.
Many considered their fashion options. Most solutions are purely psychological. This fashion scarf, advertized by a mouse, is unlikely N95 grade.
But according what I saw on the streets, many found the mouse convincing. Some even tried to filter the air with their hands. (Such a solution could be an environmental boon, if perfected).
I considered the options. Can you can roll the toxins out of your nose with this?
Perhaps traditional Chinese medicine has the answer in one of these roots, fungi or horns? (No endangered species were directly harmed in the making of this blog).
Given that the haze is not expected to last, you could just choose to balance out your life with some other healthy activities. How many people queuing for masks also, say, went to the gym? Ate some carrots? Relaxed while reading a book?  Or how about some miracle body juice? That should help.
It goes well with lychee ice and glowy syrup, both antioxidants, I think.